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  1. Thanks everyone for all the replies. Good just to have the confirmation it's not just my sim. I can live with it as it is, it's not a big issue. I guess normally the UK is overcast so you don't even notice above the clouds anyway . Cheers.
  2. Ok thanks for the reply. I have used PTA in the past but switched to envshade a while ago as was already using envtex. Was never 100% happy with PTA and got much better results with envshade. But that's just my preference on my system. If I reset envtex and envshade the differences become even more obvious. Even PTA does very little to change it. This is a screenshot from the same spot with just PTA only and no envtex/envshade. If this is expected though then I can live with it. I just would like to be sure that's the case though and it's not that something is messed up in my
  3. I have noticed in P3D 4.3 that the water textures around regions doesn't seem to blend in with the water from the rest of the world. I don't know when this started, if it was just since 4.3 or not, but it's only something I've noticed very recently. I have a screenshot here which is an overhead shot zoomed out when located at Southend EGMC. You can see from this screenshot there are straight lines in the sea around the UK where the UK region ends. Also over towards the Netherlands where I have that region installed, there is a dark patch of water as well. It seems to be true for
  4. Hi, Just to confirm to you that I see the same textures as you in this area. I'm not convinced either that these are what should be displayed they do look very blocky and some what out of place. I also have a similar problem in the UK region which I posted here where the textures there look even more out of place with what I would expect to see there. This area in NRM just looks to be a similar problem again. Although in this case I don't know if this area has always looked like this or not as I've never actually flown here before.
  5. As an update I tracked this down to an issue with My Traffic 6. The scenery that particular addon installs was changing the runways. By disabling this particular scenery I got the right runways again when in global. So apologies for posting here as it was definitley not an Orbx issue. But maybe this might help others if they ever come accross the same issue.
  6. Ok thanks very much appreciate the responses. I understand. Topic can be closed since it's not an Orbx issue. Cheers.
  7. Hi, When using FTX global / Vecor / Europe_LC I get runways 23 and 5 at London Stansted EGSS. With Navigraph FMS data updated to cycle 1505 on my addons, my aircraft and flight planners etc all expect runway 22 and 4. Noticed if I enable hybrid mode I then do get runways 22 and 4 in the sim (as I have England region also installed) so it's correct there. Only in global is it wrong. Trouble with using hybrid mode is I get OOM errors frequently when around London (I know its a combination of all addons, its just hybrid mode is one thing that pushes me over the edge with everything else I
  8. < zip > Anyway this resolves the problem for me. So I hope this might help others if anyone else comes across this same thing.
  9. Hi, I have FTX Global / Vecor / LC europe all installed for P3d V2.5. Landing at KLAS Las Vegas runway 19R I had terrain covering the runway. The runway itself was below the terrain. Landed anyway to see what would happen and went right through the terrain onto the runway :S Once I was down I see the runway lights are all floating above the runway itself. The other runways at this airport all show the same problem as well. Restarted P3d and put myself back at the same airport on the runway. This time the terrain itself didn't show at all over the runway, but the floating lights were still
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