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  1. I would like to report they did in fact finally get back with me. and I am still a happy customer mistakes happen.
  2. No worries Jarrad Thanks for getting back with me. I did infact have the freeware global scenery. but had thought i had resolved all the issues by adding the off ext to ADE_FTX_FTXG_KPSP.BGL.OFF ADE_FTX_FTXG_KPSP_CVX.bgl.OFF ADE_FTX_FTXG_KBNG.BGL.OFF ADE_FTX_FTXG_KBNG_CVX.bgl.OFF FTX_FTXG_KPSP_objects.bgl.off The test showed results, wigwams disabled during the day would result in no impacts during the day... However switching the wigwams to run all day. had the opposite effect i anticipated. both night time and day worked fine no collision. I will at least consider this a viabl
  3. I have also gotten zero response to my issue that I posted. Im going to try to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are all on vacation due to Easter.. But honestly they should of at least put up a post that they would not be around this week. I am left feeling ignored as a customer. Even if they don't know how to fix my issue. it would be nice to get some kind of response at least saying so.
  4. Am I missing something obvious? I have searched the forums and have found one other post with the same problem. Wich wasnt resolved. Any one have any ideas or have the same problem?
  5. Having a issue with KPSP before runway 31L on either the left or right sides, im having a collision with the runway incursion lights right before the runway. the collision happens the second the rear landing gear comes into contact with the runway wigwags. Ive recreated this many different aircraft including the default planes. the only plane that went through was the default Cessna 172. it only occurs at night (sim time) but that's the only time the wigwams are active as set in the KPSP config app. The pictures are daytime so you can see more clearly where I am referring to.
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