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  1. We really need a great orbx KLAS that does justice to one of the biggest GA ramps in the world and enhances the strip!!
  2. Just curious if Orbx products will be compatible with the new 64 bit p3d.
  3. Landmark is no longer the FBO at ksan. Signature bought it and remodeled the building with looks different than the scenery. Will this get fixed in an update? thanks, john
  4. In the San Diego scenery landmark aviation is the FBO. It was purchased by signature and has a new look. I hope this is adresssed in an update
  5. I am not seen any scenery add KTV L or KWYS. I tried reinstalling them with no luck. It may just be a coincidence but it seem to happen after I installed the latest Orbx libraries. Please help. John
  6. Hello, I am running Windows 10 and fsx. Lately many of my payware airports are not showing any scenery (except runways and taxi ways) such as KWYS And KTVL. I'm not certain but it seems like it may have happened after I updated my Orbx libraries. I even tried reinstalling the scenery with no success. What should I do? Thanks, john
  7. Well I have only used it with active sky next, so I don't know if that matters or not. I have flown through plenty of clouds that do not appear on radar. I have seen returns on the radar but they aren't in my flight path, so I'm not sure how realistic it's working. I've never been in precipitation that didn't display on the radar. Because its from reality XP and was released during their hayday (I don't know why they haven't released a product in years) and their other products like their Garmin and sandel gauges were 100% realistic I'm guessing their radar is realistic or they would not have released it. -John
  8. Don't forget flysimware. There graphics aren't the best but their systems modeling in their Conquest II and MU-2, particularly their Garret turboprop engine simulation are dead on. They have a Lear 35A in the works. They also offer GTN and Reality XP WX radar integration in the conquest and MU2. Realair's Duke turboprop is great too, but can cause fsx crashes and while they too offer GTN integration there is no WX radar integration which is completely unrealistic in a Duke turboprop. Milviz King Air 350i looks like it will be amazing when it is finished. Good proline 21 simulation (electronic checklists, EGPWS, electronic charts). Hopefully will include WX radar or again would be unrealistic and a deal breaker for me! John
  9. Approach to Rwy 27 at ksan requires you to fly over Balboa Park, which among other things includes one of the only outdoor pipe organs at the organ pavilion and the world famous San Diego Zoo. You can also see Mission Bay, Coronado Island and bridge, aircraft carriers and Sea World which offers a nightly fireworks show.
  10. Dear Orbx Team, Living in SoCal I can't wait for the scenery area. I have a couple suggestions for airport sceneries. KSAN-This is a must. The busiest commercial single runway airport in USA. The approach to Rwy 27 is the most beautiful in all of SoCal and a tricky approach due to terrain and downtown buildings (and Rwy 27 is almost always the active). KVNY- another must. Busiest GA airport in USA. Where all the rich and famous fly out of. What would be great is a ton of static various biz jets included in scenery since all ai packages are Bizjet lacking. And animated movie stars. F70- French Valley Airport. Located in Temecula/Murrieta area which is known as the Napa Valley or Wine Country of SoCal. Beautiful sourrounding scenery (except perhaps the prison a few miles north of the field, an interesting building to model however). The field has an architecturally interesting GA terminal and a great cafe. KBUR-Located smack dab in the Burbank/Glendale metroplex. Interesting approaches and departures as well as terminal design (The back of the aircraft at the terminal are almost hanging over a runway). Thanks for listening to suggestions, John
  11. Got it. Will install and see if KTVL comes to life. Thanks a million! John
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