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  1. Dear sir. According to our quick test Belgrade VOR 112.05 is present in LYBE scenery. Rasha Tucakov
  2. Tnx for flying to Belgrade man! Thank you for flying to Belgrade Hauer!
  3. Tnx guys. I'm more than happy to see you like the project, because as always I put a lot of love into this airport and I hope it can be seen. My love for each and every of those numerous Adriatic airports from Slovenia through Croatia down to Montenegro was one of the things that pushed me into the scenery design and be sure that I make them so I can also enjoy them while I'm flying on IVAO and VATSIM with all of you. Hope you'll enjoy your flights to and from Rijeka airport
  4. We will make those two options. One will be with those two parking spots disabled so JUMBOS can park at the parking position "A". I was also thinking about third version with all the stands enabled for guys that are exclusively flying on IVAO and VATSIM so they can have all those options for parking.
  5. Thank you for pointing out this problem. I'm already working on small update that will be published by the end of this year since some objects at the airport were demolished in preparation for reconstruction. I'll include those stands in the patch for sure. Rasha Tucakov
  6. Sarajevo is under reconstruction at the moment, so We'll wait to see the final terminal look.
  7. Hi Carlos! As far as I can see we have the best hairdo here! Many East European airports are on my wish-list but I have only 24h in one day. I would love to cover as much airports as I can but producing nice scenery is very time consuming job. I´ll do better in the future. I can promise that.
  8. What do you menan by outperforming? Is it only fps you are talking about? We are not gamers who play shooting games where you need to have somthing like 100fps. We just need constant, above 25fps without stutters P3D/FSX experience with plane and scenery addons installed. I'm also very interested in Radeon VII performance. Lets say that higher fps is less important for me than smooth, stable and constant, above 25fps performance. I watched some benchmarks of Radeon VII with new drivers on youtube (not in P3D/ FSX but in other also demanding games) and it looks like Radeon VII gives much smoother experience with less stutters in 4K but slightly lover FPS than RTX2080. New 7nm Ryzen series of cpu also looks promising and lets not forget 7nm NAVI gpu. Oh, I almost forget... The stock of Radeon VII is sooooo low at the moment and you almost can't find one right now. Drivers are still in their infancy because AMD just rushed that card release, but all in all it looks promising. The 2019 will be quite interesting year when it comes to hardware. Just wait a few months. Don't rush with your decision and don't be afraid to think out of the box. I'm just sick of Intel/Nvidia monopoly in simmers world. Nobody will be more happy than me if AMD makes great competition in 2019. Ok, maybe only Lisa Su...
  9. Hi Max! The ground layers on LDPL were made as a ground poly and the problem is probably caused by the code itself. I'll try some alternative solutions in following months. I hope I'll find some magic formula for the texture load and some reported flickering which, to be honest, I didn't see for myself. Just let me explore...
  10. Please chek if DUMMIE.DDS is present in ...\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_LDDU\Texture
  11. Yes. In the next patch drawcall batching will be enabled for those trees and that will solve the issue. We are working on patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Hi AUA9085 . Tnx for reporting the problem We are exploring this issue. It seams that tons of object flow trees near the terminal and around military area causes that frame rate drop. I'm already working on solution.
  13. First of all I want to apologize for being so quiet about my work in ORBX. During this long period of development process, Airport Dubrovnik was constantly changing it's appearance thanks to ongoing reconstruction. The other great difficulty was sloped parking which is quite big and stretches along terminal, whole apron and GA area. I was working very hard to model it as accurate as possible. Somebody asked about moving jetways, and I must disappoint you, but first release will only have static jetways. This preview shows work in progress and you can expect more new awesome details in release version. I must say that I'm delighted with cooperation with Misha and I'm already looking forward to next cooperation on future projects. Thank you all for the great reactions on this preview. Oh! I have almost forget to correct Misha. This airport can easily handle the the biggest jets like 747.
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