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  1. "Typical Jacks" Oustanding shots Jack!! Loved everyone of them! Scott
  2. Thank you to all,who commented on my shots!! It's much appreciated!! I do my very best. Scott
  3. . Thanks for the nice words!!! Scott
  4. Above Scotland And?.......
  5. Hi guys ! Because a lot of you are using different Simulators,I beg you to tag your shots with the appropriate abbreviation for the Sim. I do not want to be impolite,but I am not interested in XP or AF2 shots.Thank you. Scott
  6. Default Heathrow ? Stunning picture. Scott
  7. Thanks,my friends.Much appreciated. Scott
  8. Popham - Avro 621 Tutor The original by HeKa48 and the arrogant fake by myself ( ) I am sure you don't mind,HeKa48. Both have one thing in common,the beautiful scenery Popham by ORBX.
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