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  1. Sorry Nick and thank you, No luck with Objetflow 3.0.3. The sim on ESSA CTD. I made 2 two test. ¿Any suggestion?
  2. Hello Paolo, I moved all the Orbx scenery to the Main Library (Outside the sim) and deactivated the ObjetFlow (v3.0.2) and test with ESSA. The sim crash. I wait for a response from Orbx. Thank you.
  3. Hello Paolo, I´m not a IT specialist; what is the solution? Put all Orbx scenery outside the sim? Thank you
  4. Hello Nick, No, no messages before. The sim sound mute and after that the sim screen disappear.
  5. Hello, Since installed P3DV5 HF1, I have CTD when traying to fly from ESSA or ESGG. These CTD occurs on preparing the copict, taxi, takeof or the first minutes of flaying. These abnormal situation not occur with LIEO, and not depend of the aircraft (PMDG 747 V5 / Maddog V5), the active sky (beta V5), GSX (V5), TOGA (V5), and many others airports works perfectly with the addons I specified. I have tested the problem reinstalling P3DV5 with only the sim and Orbx products, and the problem is on Orbx so I thing something is not correct in these airports or other piece of software specific of the Orbx products. For the Orbx products I thing I have the last versions (CENTRAL): Base Pack, TerraFlora2, Trees HD, Open LC Europe, Open LC North America, England, Norway, EGPH, ESGG, ESSA, LDDU, LEAS, LIEO, and LOWI; ObjetFlow & SODE. Any help appreciated. Windows 10, Nvidia 2070 (8Gb), Intel I7.
  6. Solved. 1) Deactivated the BIKF bgl on Scenery Open LC Europe 8. 2) Enabled on vector AEC. 3) Correct elevation on GSX2 (Customize parking position) airport elevation. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I need some help about BIKF. I use P3Dv4.5 on Windows 10 and have installed the products of ORBX: Base Pack, VECTOR, Open LC Europe, Open LC North America, Open LC South America, England and Norway (Regions) and EGLC, EGPH, ESGG, ESSA, LDDU, LEAS, LIEO and LOWI. Orbx Object Flow, SODE, TFDi (RealLight), TFDi (TrueGlass) and XMLT. Other, may be important, is Pilot´s FSG -FS Global Ultimate NEXT GENERATION FTX. The screenshot shows a view of BIKF after the altitud of BIKF are modified on GSX: the jetways are on ground but they are not in the (correct) place. It is a minor problem, but, for me, may be a symptom of a wrong priority settings. All the pieces of software are up to date and situated in the correct place in scenery and no other definition of BIKF I have active, but seems to me the problem is another definition of BIKF interfere. Can you suggest me a way for correct the problem?. I read carefully all the information in the forum about correction of altitude, but I have not encountered information about misplaced jetways. Thank you in advance. Emilio Casalduero Madrid (Spain)
  8. Hi Marcus, Problem solved. I made a "repair" of P3D (uninstall option of P3D) and all seems to work fine. Thank you. Emilio Casalduero.
  9. Hi Marcus, tank you, Not only on ESSA, also on EKCH (I have made a flight few minutes ago, from EDDM-EKCH). Seems to me is a problem whit the scenery layers but i don´t know the reason. Also, the time of charge of P3Dv4 is too slow. I have made, few days ago, a clean installation of Windows 10 and, of course, the sim and all the components. And is clear that the problem is not on ESSA. Wen you answer arrived, an now, i stay in the ORBX forum searching for the correct order of layers and libraries, (The insertion point) but I are not convinced if the problem is on these area. Any help on this? Thank you. Emilio Casalduero
  10. Hi, When depart from ESSA all seems OK on the scenery: gates, taxiway, runways, etc. But, when arrive to ESSA the airport, the runways etc., are blurred and the airport elevation is not correct; the aircraft and other planes, buildings etc., are floating… above. The scenery active are ESSA, LC Europe, ENGLAND, NORWAY, (BASE Pack and VECTOR) and FS Global Mess NGU 2018. No idea about this strange problem. Any help appreciated, Thank you. Emilio Casalduero
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