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  1. HI I'm slowely getting back into flying, and would like to get into the proper 737 -800s and the 777s, also evenutally into long haul flights which I've neve been able to do.. so thinking of starting with the 737 - 800 as I sort of started with that with fsx back in the day when I first arrived here. would like to evenualy get into vatsim some day once I'm familiar with the planes,.plane.. Is there a cargo version of these before I delve into the passenger side of things or should I just dive straight into it. any ideas would be great , I have p
  2. Hi I finnally got p3d v4 and installing all my stuff now via ftx central just wondering if kingsford smith, bankstown and camden (and wollongong) have been updated? mostly Kingsford smith IA.. would be nice if it has been thanks milo.
  3. found this on youtube, thought you guys might like it plane or car
  4. G'day, I have fsx steam edition and have the Aussie orbx scenery , wollongong , tamworth alice springs and perth jandakot airports, also fly tampa sydney updated ... I also have active sky Next 16 a good mate of mine was was telling me about Rex world wide airports HD, has any one got this and can it work with orbx airports, scenery with out any conflicts I am on windows 10 home thanks guys... milo
  5. wishing all our kiwi friends a safe few days after all this
  6. wow even I didn't know that! I'll have to take a run up there when I can unless there is some one closer to it than me? I'm about 35 minutes away ... last time I was there was when that 747 rolled in!
  7. I have been putting off installing w10, I am still on fsx and w8.1, wasn't sure if it was worth the jump ,..
  8. stunning shots !! you should work for David Attenborough
  9. thanks guys I had a feeling there was a way of doing it... just have to learn ifr with out it now, some day i want to get my head around vatsim.. but not yet I just want to fly good and land good almost all the time..
  10. Is it possible to get rid of the atc, so it doesn't always pop up all the time? I know you can turn the sound down but not sure about the pop window thingy ...
  11. sounds interesting, maybe some day I will eventually get off the default planes and get pmdg , not sure if you can use vatsim with default 737 's etc.. ps with the log books, is there any good downloadable ones that work with fsx?
  12. G'day all , this was some thing I thought about in Stefan Nilsson's post about him getting his private licence,, was wondering if there is a program that you can buy or something that will say let you learn to fly in fsx etc that will let you gain a liscence like you would in real life? like for those that want to just fly GA or those that want to do Airlines etc... not sure .. just an idea?
  13. Conratulations Stefan !! Its something that I know I'll never get to do in real life hats off to you mate!
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