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  1. Awesome! That first two shots, really nice and well done, awesome for an openLC. ORBX TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!!!
  2. My first trip will be from Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world) (SAWH): To El Calafate (SAWC) near the Perito Moreno Glacier: On a very small plane, doing a lot of stops on several small airports on the way and enjoying the awesome landscape. I can't wait...!!!
  3. You're right. I know perfectly the concept of openLC versus the more detailed regions. Is awesome to see how with this openLC the places are perfectly recognizable. I can see a screenshot and say "this place is just the golf course in XX street" or "this lake is in XX park". That's million years light better than the vanilla scenery simulator. I don't want to be picky, hahaha, I'm just a huge ORBX fan and I have big expectation on this product.
  4. You're right! I have big expectations, but I also know that it's impossible to have all that I want! I'm happy because I know that ORBX is the best Team to make this job. Buenos Aires as many cities is really heterogeneous on each district or neighborhood. And on South America, that differences are more notables because the inequality. The land class for "city" seems to be the very similar. But I need to see for myself the release product to talk. Is not the same the ultra-dense working class places from the south of the city, to the mid-class calm places, or the "inside city" ultra-dense blocks of 8-10 floors buildings of middle class, or, in the case of that shot, a place (San Isidro / San Fernando) that is very low dense (the whole district has 50.000 habitats) and is one of the more expensive real state places on BA. If you see that shoot, you can see the that all the coast are marinas, Yacht Clubs or directly million dollar homes with marinas. Likely for all the South American cities you must need several land class for cities. Is a real challenge, and I really think that is almost impossible to recreate for any team but ORBX is the most competent. Maybe with a serious and positive feedback from the local users, we can achieve a well-balanced product on the detail side on the most important cities. I promise to offer my feedback in the best way in order to help to ORBX to correct errors that I can detect.
  5. At the moment all the captures looks great. On the release I'm going to do a deeply review on my area (South Cone: Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and if I see errors, I will report it with full detailed information in order to make easy the fix for the ORBX Team. Also, we need to have on mind that's a openLC, a land class replacement, and hasn't the detail that can have a region.
  6. Nice shots. The one from Buenos Aires is not Buenos Aires properly, is at the north of the city, in the San Isidro district, that is part of "Gran Buenos Aires" but not the city. Just right here: https://www.google.com.ar/maps/@-34.4477297,-58.5066248,15z The fact that is easily to recognize the exact place where the photo is taken is great. Nice job. Buenos Aires is some kilometers at the south-east of that shot. I would love to see a shot of Buenos Aires taken 2 kilometers south-east from SABE (inside the city), where is the real city center. Here: https://www.google.com.ar/maps/@-34.6053093,-58.3611624,13.75z
  7. Hi: I tested this freeware packs several times and despite the effort of the developers, they are years light far to be near to the ORBX quality. Again, I do not want to underestimate the effort from the generous freeware developers (I recognize and appreciate that), but that scenery is likely FSX 9 quality graphics and also had a lot of performance issues. I would love if ORBX develop a region for "Río de la Plata" area including Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and some nice places on the area like the Delta of the Plata and all the Islands. But I also think that we must have patience. First I would love to enjoy (and also test and leave my feedback to improve) the openLC South America, later I hope ORBX take the decision to develop some Regions. Is possible (I hope) that ORBX, as they made with SABE, could upgrade SAEZ as a part of the airports packs. A very important thing that some friends tell here: South America is a extremely diverse region. From the Amazonia and the rain forest, to the tropical villages, to the snow towns in the Patagonia. From the small towns to giant cities. Each area is different and has different architecture, different terrain color, also, different river colors. Is not the same a little rural town in the Papas or Patagonia area that a little rural town in the Altiplano or the Amazonia. I really hope to see that reflected.
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