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  1. Hi All, It's been a while since I heard any news on KSGU. I'm hoping that means its turning into a mini region, there is so much beautiful landscape around it that drawing a line would be hard. So was curious if Orbx is still working on it or was it quietly cancelled? Thanks, Jhan
  2. Hi Nick, I went through all of my files (all of the deep down config stuff) and found the issue. You are right in that there was a cross linking of Boxed and SE editions and once that chain was broken, all was good. So thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Jhan
  3. Doug, this is only getting stranger. So I started both FSX and FSX:SE, made sure Central was not running. Started it back up and nothing had changed, deleted the .json as well as resync simulator. Still would only show FSX:SE (see below). One thing it did not capture was when I hovered the cursor over each, the hint showed the folder in which they were installed. I clicked Fix issues, picked FSX and gave it the path; still isn't showing up and it never allowed me to add it. So once I go into Central 4, under FSX:SE, I just installed Orbx Library. What I noticed is that in FSX
  4. I will try running them just to make sure. Will report back in a few.
  5. Hi, Operating system: Windows 10, 19H2 Simulator: FSX Boxed / FSX Steam Issue: To make this kind of a long story short, I still have to have FSX Boxed, FSX:Steam, P3Dv3, P3Dv4 for beta testing that I do. I would love to dump both FSX, but there are still a lot of users out there and so to help them, I have a lot of sims installed. I also have XP10 and XP11 installed. Let me get to the point. Under FTX Central 3, when I start it I get a menu to select FSX / FSX:Steam/ P3Dv3 / P3Dv4 / XP11 (using short version names). However when I start Cen
  6. Doug, Sorry it has been a couple of days, had family commitment. So I did what you said, moved ObjectFlow to the P3D directory and it still had issues. I wiped out everything Orbx, AppData (Roaming/Local), and uninstalled Central 4. So the ONLY thing I had is the Sim and Global installed (Global was already in the P3D dir). I installed FTX Central 3.x and then downloaded Object Flow 2 and so it was the old way. Loaded P3D and KIAH worked great, no issues. Loaded Central 4.0.27 and noticed that it moved ObjectFlow over to the new directory, but everything still worked great.
  7. Doug, Attached are three files, I threw in the scenery_add-ons.xml for good measure. I actually did this on another machine with a clean install of P3Dv4.5 HF2 and then added in a few Orbx items; the main ones discussed before (Libraries, ObjectFlow 2, Global). Still have the scenery issue, but I now know exactly what file seems to be causing it. The first two are using the new Orbx Library, Global is in the sim directory. C:\FSAdd-ons\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx Libraries\ORBX\Scripts\custom.gb_base\Landclass\scenery\lclookup.bgl Date/Size on it is 10/03/201
  8. Doug, I have plenty of Orbx products. I've been having this problem of this weird texture and since I beta test for a lot of other devs, I've learned when you have a problem...trouble shoot by installing one at a time. I left Orbx to the end and so when P3Dv4 was stable, no problems; I installed Orbx Libraries and Object Flow 2 then start the sim and see the result. I did this with all of the other addons with this method. It isn't that I don't own a ton of Orbx, because I do; but I wanted to find the issue and that is how I found it. Now that I have someone attention... I've played m
  9. All, I recently redid my computer and have come across a strange problem. If I don't have anything Orbx installed, load up the default KIAH. It looks normal, really boring but I have a tan-ish dirt, as expected. Then I start Central and just install Orbx Libraries and Orbx Object Flow 2. The airport ground texture (the area between runways) is black with a lot of neon green splats here and there. ALL default airports have this weird ground dirt. I have remove them both in Central, the regular ground texture returns without issue. The second picture is with every
  10. Hi Mitchell, Yep thanks that worked like a charm! I appreciate the help on getting this fixed. Jhan
  11. Hi,central.log I am getting an error and I've looked here in the forums and tried several things. Startup Central 4.0.6 I have three airports that needed to be updated, these are YLIL, YMML. and YMUI. I click on one then Click Update I get an popup or I get the spinning wheel of death The error popup says that Error Error: An error occurred while trying to install a product dependency. (ObjectFlow) I read one place is to go to %Documents%/Prepar3D V4 Add-ons and delete Orbx ObjectFlow 2 directory. Then Click Sync Sim
  12. Guess we should also say RIP, Regions. I am still not sure I like the TrueEarth ones better. One upcoming airport truly needs a region around it, some of the most spectacular scenery will be lost without it. KSGU and the red rocks of Snow Canyon State Park, Zions and Bryce Canyon NPs would be a really good area to explore. MCE Utah is one of their best sellers, it is because of the raw beauty of Utah. Jhan
  13. Will the P3D version be updated with some of the changes the XP11 will be getting?
  14. While it is not my home airport or even continent, however, I am glad to see Orbx hasn't given up on P3D products. I love large area sceneries so will have to keep an eye out for this one. To me it seems like every new product coming out is for 1) XP11, 2) AS2, 3) that other sim again.... oh yeah P3D.
  15. All, I owned the TD version of this and did the conversion on the first day. Removed all of original scenery, made sure the SODE entries were also gone. Then installed the FTX version. When I started it, my ground poly was horrible. I was a beta for Turbulent and knew when this happened it was a SODE issue, but Orbx does not use SODE. Anyway after the better part of an afternoon, I found that in my add-ons.xml that I had Orbx_ObjectFlow_x64_PRE43.dll listed. Note, I am using 4.3+ and so I removed the _PRE43 part of the entry and reloaded. All came back in its glory. Not sur
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