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  1. Very interesting - I guess it will be more like a game than a simulator, but even so I will be buying an X-Box just for this when its released!
  2. Great shots! Yes - in real-world (ie real life - not the sim!) I recently flew Scoot Sydney to Singapore. Just like these sim shots the flight was actually flown by a Singapore Airlines 777 with full Singapore Airlines crew. One bonus of the switch of the aircraft from Scoot to their parent's fleet was that all passengers received a full complimentary meal service. There had no ability on the flight to sell anything, so while we received a "free" full Singapore Airlines meal they didn't provide any alcoholic drinks or other services that Scoot usually sell. Another strange twist was that they didn't turn on the Singapore Airlines in-flight entertainment - our screens remained turned off!
  3. JohnY my sentence was poorly written - it was one wife at a time - two different marriages!
  4. Carlosqr - living alone is the best! I lived for 30+ years with 2 wives - and now my wife and I live hours apart. Have a look around this forum and how many people comment that they are hiding the cost of their new hardware and software from their partners! I now have been living on my own for about 10 years - there is no way I would go back to having a wife living here every day! Now back to the topic at hand - I never stop buying new releases. There is an ever expanding world to explore!
  5. Not an answer to your question or seach Mickel - but I hope I could also piggyback on your thread and also ask the community for some related advice... Unlike Mike's serach above I am looking for a high quality flightstick with yaw (twisting the stick shaft drives the rudder). If the Warthog featured yaw I would buy it in a second! Is there a stick out there that has yaw and is of Warthog quality - ie metal rather than plastic construction?
  6. I updated to 4.3 this morning (just the client update) but have jumped back to 4.2 as I was getting a repeatable CTD when flying from Coffs Harbour to Gold Coast. The crash always happened near Coffs Harbour. The 4.3 update didn't offer any noticeable improvement to me (I already had about 60FPS everywhere in Orbx land) and so downgrading was not a hard decision. Also SimpleCam was a bit jumpy with 4.3. OK now a question... Also this morning ObjectFlow 2 was updated via FTX Central 3. Sop now I am running Prepar3D 4.2 all is fine, Orbx Object Flow 2 thinks its loaded and running but its actually not displaying in the sim - ie I have no people flow or animated windsock at Port Macquarie (my home airport) and I assume other airports as well. Any advice? I have deleted the sim config file etc - It seems the sim is running ObjectFlow just fine but no actual ObjectFlow objects are displaying.
  7. This screenshot is from John's 2018 Orbx roadmap post. Could someone please let me know which aircraft this is - I love the look of the panel. Thanks!
  8. Someone else is doing a high quality Wellington which is designed for use with Orbx NZ. The preview is already out. I'm pretty sure forum rules don't allow me to link to it - so search...
  9. You want to be drinking Valima beer rather than Corona's in these parts.
  10. OK Misha - I know you love to model smaller bush airfields in the Pacific North West, but it's time you did a joint project (or a larger project on your own perhaps) Bankstown!!
  11. Joe! Seems you have a terrain warning there - PULL UP! PULL UP!
  12. Hey James thank you so much! I have been looking for charts of the ATC sectors for years, I have seen them as low resolution graphics but never as highly readable PDF vector files. Other than flightsim my main interest is ATC and aircraft tracking. I serve the ATC to liveATC.net (Australian Satellite ATC Feed) and also have an ADS-B "radar" set-up to track aircraft, these charts will come in really handy! Cheers, Mark
  13. Hi Matthew - are you taking into account daylight savings (summer time) - does FSX know that New Zealand is currently 13 hours ahead of UTC rather than the usual 12? A good way to check this is to type "Time UTC" into Google search - it will tell you the current UTC time, then check that your sim is also set to the correct UTC. Cheers, Mark
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