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  1. Thanks for fast response. My forum name has always been the one im using now. Ok, that makes sense. So by buying FTX OLC EU, the scenery will look more like it does irl? That picture looks better. But still doesnt look like the real world. I always had the impression that FTX Global would make the simulator look like it does in the real world, but i guess i was wrong. So again, by buying opelLC, everything will look more like the real world?
  2. ...and im not happy. This is how it looks like in P3D: And this is IRL: Thats like so far apart from eachother i dont even know where to start. Like where did that huge city on the left come from? Is this how it supposed to be like or have i done something wrong?
  3. Hi. Got both Global Base and openLC Europe installed to P3D. Decided to download the free airport pack to get some swedish airports. But i noticed something weird when i had a overview of the area around. How it supposed to look like: How it looks like in the sim: I thought the P3D world was supposed to look realistic with ORBX products installed. Just look at the river on the left.. its full of trees. And where did that city come from? Its not supposed to be there. It doesnt look right at all.
  4. Haha, ok, thanks! Last question. What do i do with FTX Norway if buying all 3 addons?
  5. Thank you. So in other words i should buy all 3 addons to get my sim as realistic as possible.
  6. Thanks guys. So what am i missing out on if im not buying Vector? And can i expect a loss of fps with Global and LC installed? I currently have anything from 25 to 60 fps now with FTX Norway, PMDG, AS16+ASCA.
  7. Hi! I only have FTX Norway installed. But im starting to get a bit bored from just being limited to one country. I want to buy a few airports in Sweden and Denmark but im guessing that will look terrible with the default scenery. Is it necessary to buy Global Base, Global Vector and opelLC Europe just for that? Or will only Global Base do fine? Im a little confused over what those 3 addons do to my sim (which is P3D btw).
  8. Hey guys. I have tried to change everything after your tips. But im still seeing the same old bad result :/ My LOD is set to Max. I have tried both that and Ultra without luck. Anti-aliasing is set to 16x. Have tried the different options on there aswell. Even changed it in my Nvidia control panel.. But still no luck..
  9. Haha yes. I think its just a bug from the maker of the airport
  10. Hi all! I just cant figure this out. I think my scenery looks really bad, even though i got good specs and got most of the sliders to the right. The scenery only looks good when im flying over it, but at a distance it looks really really bad. A example: http://i.imgur.com/UgCKq4X.jpg Those mountains doesnt look too good do they? Neither does this: http://i.imgur.com/hYg2Tt5.jpg Im running P3Dv3.1 with FTX Norway on Windows 7 with Intel Core i7-4790K, MSI GeForce GTX980 4GB Gaming and 16GB ram. Any tips on how to
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