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  1. As already mentionned by other users i am not very pleased with this update. Indeed I only own FTX global Pack products and I used to visit the FTX central V3 from time to time to see (and usually buy) the new airports available in this categorie. Now it's impossible to see any missing and available Airport for the global range in a glimpse. I don't want to open all the airports' product page to verify the Prerequisite Products ... I really support Rob's idea of "small icon in the lower left of each airport image that would ID it as FTX Global."
  2. Same problem for me here. After re-installing FTX vector with the new 1.2 installer without prior uninstalling FTX_Vector i got unhandled exception error when running the aec auto config tool. I've made Nick Copper's recommandation (uninstall vector <=> delete all the file in x:\...\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR) and then reinstall Vector => Problem's solved. Thanks.
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