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  1. We used the ski lifts in the summer up at Glacier National Park, to see the views and go zip lining!
  2. I have his Portland, I just downloaded his KSFO, and looks like you can use just the airport
  3. I have a lot of Mister-x's stuff, but I haven't tried his KSFO, hopefully he will update it to use with Orbx TE.
  4. Any update on the progress of Orbx Global now since SFD has released there Global textures?
  5. Question, I've used different credit cards to purchase Orbx products, how can I avoid Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fees? I wish Orbx would take PayPal
  6. Thank You so much for the reply on this question, I'm more worried about the DD Seattle Airports that DD Seattle City.
  7. Looks great, how well will this play with Drzewiecki Seattle City XP and Seattle Airports XP? I have both.
  8. Will it also support the Steam version of X-Plane? I'm assuming it will because there really is not much of a difference between the Steam version and the version purchased on http://www.x-plane.com/
  9. Will there be a change to FTX Central 3 to support X-Plane? Will this be for X-Plane 11 only or [revious versions as well?
  10. Thanks Nick, waiting for more reviews on P3D before I make the jump,performance is the biggest complaint with FSX-SE now, loving the performance of Aerosoft FS2, I have a pretty good setup, and the load times for FSX-SE are terrible, it runs smooth on my system
  11. http://www.maam.org/maam_sim.html http://www.maam.org/php/xcart/FLIGHT-SIMULATOR-p-1-c-256.html Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, all profits go to support the Museum
  12. Just like everyone else has said, get rid of Norton and stay away from McAfee. I have not used either for years, they will drag down your computer. All I use is Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, and have not run into any issues or viruses. The freeware files do not contain anything that will harm your computer, except free hard drive space!
  13. Nice Pics, I've made that flight a few times. Also West Yellowstone to Jackson Hole.
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