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  1. Carenado also advised me to update the Nvidia drivers. I will check them out.Thanks again Russ. Ray
  2. Thank you Russ. It works in DX10. I didn't realize that it was DX10 exclusive. I thought it was optional.I do not use DX10 because it does not work well on my computer-reduced scenery effect,reduced frame rates and no progressive taxi. However you have solved my problem and I thank you again for your help.
  3. Only the virtual cockpit of the newer FSX version is affected, the 2D panel is ok as is all cockpits for the older FS9 182 RG with FSX patch.I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times with no success.I have tried with and without account user control turned on. Ray
  4. Thank you for responding guys.I too have had much help from Carenado without success so far. They have been very good.I have a Nvidia Ge Force 9800 GT video card so it may be the problem.However I have run the older Skylane 182RG for FS9 with the FSX patch and the Mooney M20J with HD virtual cockpit works just fine.Other specs are-AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core 6000+3.01GHz ,4 GB ram ,Vista Home Premium.Any other info required please let me know.
  5. I just installed the Cessna 182 RG FSX and the HD cockpit but when I select the aircraft the inside of the virtual cockpit is invisible.All the gauges are there and they operate correctly and the 2D panel is ok. The spot view shows no pilot or instruments.Can anyone help me please?
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