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  1. I just pulled the trigger on the $119.99 super deluxe mega version. I have yet to tell my wife! Oh well she will figure it out soon enough. Whats that old saying? Better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission! At any rate I'm excited to see Orbx scenery joining the MSFS2020. And since I own the USA titles they are releasing out of the gate, Ill definitely be acquiring those too. It is my hope (I see it as a real possibility) that eventually all the current airports Orbx has done will eventually make it to MSFS2020. Lets say that these products are so good I don't mind purch
  2. So I couldn't find where the object flow was hidden. That said I did verify the libraries and that seemed to work out perfectly! I did a verification on buildings and trees (I had them so why not). I did not see a change (although something was missing because it downloaded a file somewhere). I did not get around to verifying OpenLC so i cannot say if that would have worked. Thank you both for your help. At least I have some resources in the future to fix this problem! Brian
  3. Hello all, Well I updated my P3D v4.5 content (downloaded the content installer and cab files, uninstalled previous content, installed new content no errors). Now my autogen surrounding the airports is gone. No trees, no buildings (unless its a custom building then it is still present). I had this happen to me once before. The only way I fixed it was to uninstall all my Orbx and P3d, then did a fresh install. So, I am looking to avoid that for now. Has anyone seen this before? If so how did you fix it? The good news is that I had just ordered an new 2TB SSD. So if
  4. I appreciate the insight. Ill check out the fsdeveloper. Thank you for your time!!
  5. Hello all, I'm trying to get into aircraft modification. Basically I recently acquired a few aircraft. However there are a few minor things I would like to correct with them. However I am at a loss as to what kind of software I may need to access some of the files. I am familiar with the various CFG files. But one answer eludes me. How do I modify the systems? Or more succinct: if a switch says avionics in the aircraft but actually controls the alternator, how/ where do I go to modify this? How are the switches in the virtual cockpit mapped to the "systems" that p3d recognizes?
  6. Im so eagerly awaiting this release. Gonna be a lot of fun for my helicopters
  7. Bump Happy new year to all. So yes I am having the same issues. As soon as my scenery is reinstalled I will try the old FTX instalation. Thats about a day or so away (I have lots of ORBX products). Is there any news about an update coming that will rectify this issue? Thank you and cheers to all!
  8. Ok so some feedback for the ORBX team. The start of this thread really captured my attention. The hinting that the release could be this weekend or earlier really caught my eye. Especially the earlier part. So I have been on this forum checking for updates quite a bit. Is it ready? Is it ready? Then I just decided to check my email. Boom there it is! Release announcement!!! So I am literally downloading it as I type. The feedback is this: your marketing strategy is working! Making a high quality airport that fits in perfectly in the region. Announcing its coming soon. Then beating posted relea
  9. Well thank you! I will check this out. I do know there is an F1 product called airwrench. I do not believe it will do what I want it to do. But it gave me the idea to look lol Thanx much Brian
  10. Hello all! So here is what I am toying with in my head: I want to find a program (or a way) to create or edit aircraft systems. I know that it can be done, or else how would the big sim developers create AC with advanced systems modeling? So to boil it down, is there a program I need to invest in? Am I just gonna need to str8 up hit the code? Something I have missed (alot I know lol)? Thank you much Brian
  11. Really, this has got to be one of the best things ever. I finally got P3d and about 15 hours later I had everything in my ORBX world ready to rock. Yes it took that long. I have alot of products LOL! (and ok internet speed) Anyway just put everything in the cue, had a cold one, went to bed, and several hours later I was set. I really really really like the FTX3.
  12. Now talk about some LOW and very SLOW flying LOL! I hope the hurdles can be sorted. Theyd have my $$$$ for it
  13. Well I guess I will give it a try than. I hope i dont cause issues. Probably wont since Im sure somebody would have raised a flag at this point! Brian
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