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  1. Greetings, I noticed some missing textures as I approached MMAA. Right around the beach there are some large black areas. I have checked my insertion points and everything looks like it should. Orbx airports are below my third party add-ons. Orbx regions are below the Orbx airports. I have Vector and Base installed. I also have both NA Landclasses installed, but my guess is they would not go down this far south. Any thoughts? Cheers, colin
  2. Good morning, Before I continue, I am aware that this isn't a Orbx product. I am just curious to see if anyone has been able to successfully install it into P3D. I followed the guide that was posted on the AVSIM and RTMM forums. Was actually pretty simple and painless. I had been able to use the scenery in FSX without any issues, so I was looking forward to having it installed into P3D. For the most part, everything seems to have worked - except for one minor issue. The AI ships - cruise ships and a coast guard cutter - are leaping into the air, doing flips, and then cr
  3. I think so - it's more the priority of each scenery as it is read by P3D. On your second screen shot you see your scenery library and then the priority of each scenery on the right. If you open Orbx Central - go to Settings (click on the gear type symbol at the top right of the app. Under settings (on the left side of the app) find Insertion Point - it will be at the bottom of the list. Click on that. Set where the Orbx Airports and Regions go from the drop down menu (should be after your last 3rd party airport) Set where the Orbx Global openLC files go (sho
  4. @DMcGown89 Not 100% sure this would fix your issue, but you might want to check your insertion points. You can use Orbx Central to do the work for you. For me, I have Orbx regions and airports below my last 3rd party airport. Orbx Global open LC goes below Orbx Regions and Airports. It looks like you have atleast one payware airport (KPHX) below your OLC files. Hope this helps. colin
  5. Good evening, Purchased KSAN through the Orbx Central app today. Tried to install it and I received the message that three files failed to extract. I have clicked Verify Files as suggested. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times, but still get the same result. Any suggestions on what to do next? Cheers, colin
  6. Good morning, I’m curious about the GB True Earth series - specifically the GB North. I already have FTX-Scotland as well as Europe LC. Would I need to uninstall those two packages before installing the True Earth scenery? Is it compatible with other 3rd party airports (specifically UK2000)? Last question. On the product page it says that it is summer season only. Does that mean that by installing True Earth, you won’t see any changing seasons? Thank you, Colin
  7. Good evening all and Merry Christmas ! There was a post back in August of 2018 I believe that mentioned Orbx purchasing Earth Simulations. It mentioned Isle of Man being released within the year. Just wondering if this is still a project in the works or has it been shelved? I’ve been looking for scenery for EGNS, but have only found something for X-Plane. There are some simple FSX AFCADS on Avsim, but I’m looking for something a little more detailed. Cheers, colin
  8. Good morning, I have Vector, Global and both Northern & Southern Germany installed. I noticed yesterday that I couldn’t contact Ground at EDDH. This happened both as I landed and turned off the runway and asking for permission to taxi to the runway for takeoff. In the ATC window I get the option to tune in to Ground’s frequency, but I can’t contact Ground. Any thoughts on how I can fix this? Thank you, Colin
  9. Good afternoon, Does anyone know what this is? Just flew over Hoover Dam and starting to turn towards KLAS. I have OBRX Southern and Northern California and well as North America, Vector, and Global. When I look at the map on P3D, there are two airports here - U30 and RN01. The latter is Randolph - Turning Point 1. As far as I know I have never installed that. I looked through all my scenery files and there is nothing there by that name. It doesn't come up on stock airports (using ADE). It also doesn't come up on Vector if you try doing an elevation correction.
  10. Good evening, I have both FSX and P3D installed. While ORBX Central was able to install Vector and Global in FSX a couple months ago, I can no longer access FSX through ORBX Central. I have no issues with P3D. In the help section, it mentions finding the Registry Fixer page, but I can't see that anywhere on Central. Thanks, colin Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: FSX and P3D Screenshot: Issue: orbx.txt
  11. Good evening Nick, I incorrectly installed a tahiti scenery from fligthscene that added 3 files all with the same name. Any time I try to rename or move or turn a scenery off I get a messaging warning me that there are 2 errors in the scenery config and do I really want to continue. If P3D allows me, I'll try to delete the tahiti scenery and then turn off the scenery from Simaddons. Thanks.
  12. Hello Doug, I was driving that highway a couple weeks ago and really don't remember seeing any overpasses - except for wildlife closer to Lake Louise. I turned off the autogen as suggested and included coordinates. Along with ORBX I have the CA3W package from Simaddons. It has a different version of the Banff airfield, but didn't think it would affect scenery that far away from the runway. I'm also still getting the black boxed around some of my waterways. I've turned off the winter effects with Vector, but it didn't seem to help. Tha
  13. Good evening, Sorry, Just realized I posed this in FSX instead of P3D. I notice this this afternoon. There appears to be an overpass built near the town of Banff and it's airport (CYBA). Can't remember if I have seen it before, but I know in real life it shouldn't be there. I am running North America OLC as well as Northern Rocky Mountains. Has anyone else seen this? Cheers. colin
  14. Here are the files that were supposed to be added to the scenery/world/texture file in FSX:
  15. Good morning Nick, i didnt think about that. The scenery I downloaded for PHTO had a number of files that were supposed to be added to the SCENERY/WORLD/TEXTURE folder. A few were new, but most of them asked if I wanted to overwrite them. Oddly enough, I normally cluck yes, but this time I did not. I will delete the new files (once I figure out which ones they are) and see if that helps. Is ithat what you are hunting at?
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