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  1. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    You can always review the products to page to see what requirements are if any question about a scenery.
  2. Whats in the future for Orbx

    I would like to see More Alaska and Northwest Canada Airports
  3. I'm still using FSX. Eventfully will make the move but no rush
  4. what is the best ORBX Setting?

    There is no one all best setting as each of us has different hardware and PC Specs. In FTX Central there is a user guide for each product that gives some recommendations. Start there and also there are some tips on youtube that may or may not help. It took me a while to get my PC dialed in with Orbx but eventually you will find that sweet spot with a little trial and error. Good luck.
  5. Install sizes - What's yours?

    My install is at 131 gigs
  6. Being left behind

    Surely you musty know someone with an internet connection you could use temporarily? A Friend or Neighbor one of your children if you have any.
  7. I've been away from FS

    Which P3DV4 are you guys using? Academic License or Professional?
  8. Vector

    I don't see anything on the product page saying its not available. Maybe a little context would be helpful?
  9. Who is leaving

    I will make the jump eventually. Maybe by end of year or beginning of next. I'm in no big rush but it will happen.
  10. I hang on to stuff to for decades but I realize most of it I will never, look at or use again or have a need for. Its hard but sometimes a good purge once in a while is good.
  11. You need it about as much as you need them old Windows 98 CD's
  12. I have the same orbx virus and it keeps getting bigger, spreading and taking more space my PC.
  13. I did'nt ask for support

    That's nice
  14. scenery idea list

    Example: Southern California is a full fat region. So is Pacific Northwest and many others.
  15. Prepar 3d V4 is announced

    Hopefully Aerosoft is going to quickly handle the release (installers, compatibility, etc) I'm going to need my Twin Otter working in Prepar 3d V4