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  1. Look at the very first picture i posted in this thread. That does not look like "accurate mesh" to me. I don't even understand the second half of your statement, how are the mesh problems with your product Laminar's responsibility? My disappointment with KMRY extends beyond the airport. In addition to the problems mentioned in my original post, Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf is just a couple of autogen buildings on top of an Ortho photo floating in the Pacific ocean. The commercial wharf was also not 3D modeled, nor were any of the boat piers. Historic Cannery Row is done halfway and
  2. This is what your flatten "fix" does to Monterey airport.
  3. "slight difference"? It's not slight, nor is it acceptable. I do have the MrX San Diego scenery. It has the ramping problem. I removed it and the default scenery has the same problem. Your suggestion is to go find some scenery that hopefully masks this problem. I don't find that an acceptable solution for a payware product. It should work with the default scenery out of the box. I am attaching a screen shot of KSAN with the default scenery. Notice the jagged taxiway lines. They're that way because there are ramps in the scenery, not only on the runway but the taxiways a
  4. I have the MrX freeware San Diego so the airport looks nice but it now has the "ramps" on the runway after adding Orbx Southern California. It makes San Diego pretty much unusable. Really disappointed Orbx released the scenery with these major glitches. This is a class B airport.
  5. Some of these are bugs, some are complaints. - Runways at every airport I've tried are bumpy. KSAN is ridiculously bad to the point of being unusable, lots of "ramps". Good if you're doing motorcycle jumps, bad for airplanes trying to land or take off. Northern California has this issue too (KMRY is a big offender), you said this would be fixed with an update but six months later and so far nothing. This worries me. - Lots of floating buildings. I see other people reporting this as well. The ones I spotted first were at the north end of Sepulveda Pass. - No boats at Marin
  6. Same issue here, a couple of my Ortho tiles magically appeared at the top of the list instead of down at the bottom where they were previously.
  7. Unchecking "Runways follow terrain" creates more problem than it solves. The wonky runway and floating buildings is not a default scenery issue, this is a problem with the mesh you're using and the terrain smoothing settings you're using at KMRY, which are obviously not what they should be. KMRY is a Class C airport and the Monterey Peninsula is a huge tourist area, I'm surprised it wasn't given more attention to detail.
  8. Very disappointed with the Monterey area. The runway at KMRY is almost unusable. There are floating buildings at the airport, particularly near GA parking. The ocean "shimmer" reflections are "boxed" (i.e., they end with an abrupt line) which looks awful. I realize the airports in TrueEarth are default, but TrueEarth makes KMRY worse than default.
  9. It is working for me now, thank you for the speedy fix on a weekend Orbx team. It's really common in the software industry for upgrades to cost more than just the difference between two versions, in order to pressure people to buy the most expensive version up front. Kudos to Orbx for not doing this, and just charging the straight difference.
  10. I'm not sure you understand the issue I and many others are having. This morning I purchased the HD version of Northern California. I did not install it after purchase. I instead want to install the SD version but it will not allow me to. The only option it gives me in Orbx Central for the SD version is to purchase it. I shouldn't have to purchase the SD version as I have already purchased the HD version. I did not have this problem with Washington or Oregon; when I purchased the HD versions of those, I was able to to install the SD versions straight away. This is not the case with Northern Ca
  11. No, that's not an answer to this issue. I haven't installed anything and I don't think anyone else reporting this problem has either. I purchased the HD version and did not install it. I should be able to install the SD version but it doesn't give that option, the only options are to purchase it. I did not have this problem with Oregon or Washington.
  12. I've just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and P3D V3 on my PC. I've gone and downloaded the seven Orbx regions I've purchased through the FlightSim Store. I read the Installation Guide and perused the FAQ page but I still have some questions. I think I can guess the answers to some of these questions but given the time and hassle of installing a fresh OS I want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly and as cleanly as possible. I've previously used FSX:SE in Windows 8.1 and installed everything piecemeal; this will be the first time I'm installing so much stuff from scratch.
  13. If you have the Northern California scenery then KMRY is a must in my opinion. I was somewhat disappointed with the NC scenery as the Monterey area was very generic, but the KMRY add-on fixes that completely. Having Pacific Grove, Cannery Row, the wharf, etc. modeled in great detail add tremendously to the experience, as those are all landmarks you see close-up on approach (or departure, depending on which way you're going). I would suggest turning off some of the static ramp aircraft, as there are way too many (compare the Orbx scenery with the Google satellite view of KMRY and you'll see wha
  14. FS2010 Mesh did this to many of my airports.
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