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  1. I've seen a few performance benchmarks across multiples games that use dx 11, 12 & vulkan. There was no discernible improvement on performance and for that reason, i'll be leaving it disabled until there is proven reason to enable it.
  2. Has anyone tried out GPU Hardware Scheduler yet in P3D V5 or XP11? I assume it will only improve P3D V5 because of Direct X but does it affect the performance of XP11 using Vulkan? This feature is only available if you have updated Windows 10 to the latest version (2004) and have updated nVidia drivers to the latest version 451.48. It can be found by selecting Settings, System, Display and click on Graphics settings. Once selected or deselected, a reboot is needed for the change to be implemented. It would be good to know if anyone is seeing an improvement in smoothness in VR or on a monitor.
  3. Thanks for your replies Carlos and Matteo, Those high rise buildings situated in the distance in front of the nose of the helicopter in your picture are neighbouring downtown Glendale. Could someone from Orbx please explain why my downtown Glendale shown in front of the helicopter is different to your published pictures. I repeat that I only have Global Base, Buildings HD and NA Southern California installed which are all Orbx products in a fresh installation of yesterdays release of P3D V5.
  4. I have noticed that in the Orbx published screenshots, The textures on the buildings of downtown Glendale are different colours to what I'm seeing. I do have Global Base, Buildings HD and NA Southern California installed.
  5. So far from the channel Islands, only Alderney has been done for FSX/P3D. No mention of the other adjacent Islands or the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man. I was really hoping for them to be done and then also ported to XP11. Regarding XP11, EGNS (Ronaldsway) has recently been released and the rest of the Island is advertised as coming soon from a new developer called Boundless. Does this mean that Orbx won't bother with the Isle of Man or even worse finish the EarthSimulations Channel Islands and Scilly?
  6. For P3D V5 users, they have just released Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix 2 ( https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2020/06/116953/
  7. @Jarrad Marshall Your coverage map pinpoints "Six Flags Park". I've flown up to Six Flags Magic Mountain and found it to be just flat photoscenery. Should this be?
  8. There are many buildings floating along the Sepulveda Pass. Easy to see if you take a flight towards the San Fernando Valley up the I-405. Also there are several instances of orange lines in the air. One example I have already reported that can be located by Sierra Towers off Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood.
  9. Will there be an update that includes the fix for Connel Bridge? If so, Im happy to wait for an update to be deployed.
  10. I mentioned on the forum in the Preview Screenshots section in the thread - TrueEarth Southern California for XP11 on finals! that none of the buildings in downtown LA are landable. Tony Wrobelwski replied to my post and requested I suggest any actual buildings but he also suggested that making buildings landable impacts on performance. Because of this I have currently only made a single choice of the tallest building. I have selected the Wilshire Grand Center. Something that occurred to me is whether it is possible that hardened helipads could be toggled in the Orbx Central settings for the SoCal scenery like the road textures, so a few more could be added and toggled on or off for those who would complain about any performance loss and/or don't fly helicopters?
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