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  1. We had to uninstall London landmark pack for the World Update 3 update (UK). The landmark pack was updated a week or so after. When it was reinstalled, you need to select the version compatible with MSFS with World Update 3 update installed in Orbx Central. I would imagine it will be the same with World Update 4 and Paris landmarks. I have uninstalled Paris landmarks myself prior to updating MSFS today.
  2. With X-Plane being the platform that Pilot Plus originally developed for, Is there any chance Southend & Oxford will be released for XP11 and if so be TrueEarth compatible?
  3. I originally set my Orbx Backup folder to an SSD drive which I quickly realised was a mistake. I have manually copied the entire folder to external HDD. I assume as long as I remember to plug the drive in whenever Orbx Central is installing or updating, I will suffer no issues. My question is, It is pretty obvious that I need to edit the path to the new backup folder that I have already ensured contains all the current backup files; do I have to change the Concurrency setting to Hard Disk Drive?
  4. Looking forward to many of the forthcoming products like KBUR finally coming to XP11. It's a shame Van Nuys & Palm Beach aren't also. I'm certainly interested in TrueEarth Southern Spain. I think the Hawaiian Islands need some TrueEarth treatment especially Oahu. I was expecting the Gold Coast Landmark City Pack for MSFS as it's already being done for P3D.
  5. You would have to buy again so you are better off just waiting. I'm sure the updated version will be on the Marketplace by the end of this week or next week. Probably the later tbh.
  6. I assume this will occur again with Paris when the next world update is deployed which I believe contains France and Benelux countries.
  7. You can remove any world update or anything else you have purchased through the MSFS 2020 marketplace using the FS2020 content manager. It is separate from the sim updates.
  8. The sim update is 23GB and the world update 3 is 4.9GB. For the record, I also found some small updates available in the content manager for the Japanese content from world update 1. I've uninstalled London Landmarks for now as I'm curious as to what the default London now looks like and to see what info is released from Orbx regarding their London Landmarks.
  9. It's been 9 months so I don't think I should be considered impatient if I ask for a response again?
  10. Cracking dawn shot Iain. All my best in managing your ticker fluctuations.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up John. I updated my NVidia drivers also last night but haven't had chance to try any sims since. Just for the record, do you select custom install and check the clean installation box when updating your drivers or do you opt for express? I always opt for the clean install.
  12. My thanks to Tony and the rest of the team for the Canary Islands. I'm really enjoying island hopping
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