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  1. Try this first: Resynchronise Simulator via Central help section Cheers
  2. Note fixed yet. Apparently Tore is too busy...
  3. I have located the issue for my difference in shading in water. My water settings were set at Medium and if I reduced it to Low or High the blocks on water disappeared. Cheers,
  4. I have changed the ALT of the ships in the xml to a negative value. And they now look like they should. The tanker at anchor is presumed waiting for the dock to load and therefore is light. The other tanker at dock is presumed loaded therefore deeper in the water. The ALT values are: tanker 1= -1 tanker 2= -3 Cheers, Pierre
  5. The 2 tankers are up in the air: the one at anchor abeam ENNK and the other one at dock. They have no names except NBS International & International Shipping. The other 2 ships: a bulk carrier at anchor in the harbour and the container ship at dock are both at water level.
  6. It was set at 1m, but more testing at 2 or 5m didn't change anything. Cheers, Pierre
  7. Asking the question is really the answer. I now use FSXSE with Steve DX10fixer and Orbx sceneries. As mentioned, once you figure out the way around OOMs, it is a very stable and enjoyable simulator. Cheers, Pierre note: MU2B over PNW
  8. Scenery is ok except for the ennk_ships_Objectflow.xml The ships are lying 20 meters above the water. Switching the xml to off solves the problem P3DV5 hf2 Cheers Pierre
  9. Those are beautiful pictures Mr. Emms Cheers Pierre
  10. It actually solves the problem at CYSE. I just re-activated all the options available and CYSE is superb particularly in P3DV5 Tks for the update, Cheers, Pierre
  11. Interesting. From the above GIF, I would tend to agree with Captain Nick conclusion. I understand this topic applies to V5 more specifically?? In the last of the 3 GIF, you can clearly see (upon enlarging the image) that the V5 bug with blue color on the edge of trees is visible. It may or may not be related... V5 is beta, (POO) that has to be considered. Will test in V4 also. Cheers
  12. Re-installed CYSE/CYBD and unchecked all options in the CP. They all load fine...
  13. Uninstalling both a/p CYSE and CYBD cured the problem. So the airports cause the CTD
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