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  1. lovely shots, Cheers, Pierre
  2. Amazing video. Nice Flight Displays, Nice info on the beta range sensitivity, Never thought he would make it for a landing... Tks Benny
  3. The video has stutter. You<re running at 1440p with 990k and 2080ti? Something is wrong with the setup, you should be running more stable fps and higher. With Win10, you should be careful about 2 settings: a. running this program as an administrator and b. check the "disable full screen optimizations" (this one is important) My 2 cents Cheers
  4. It looks very good indeed. You`ll need a powerful setup to run this. One negative: get rid of the baked Port Cranes please. Cheers,
  5. This has already been reported as a bug. Cheers
  6. ORBX Norway is beautiful like it is, there is also a few of Aerosoft one that fit nicely Indeed Benny, I have those AS sceneries working 100% with FTXNO: Vaeroy, Svolvaer x, Stavanger X, Alta X, Vaernes 2.0, TromsoX, Torp Sandefjord X, Bergen, Norway bridges (from Free Norway) note: although some of them are said to not be compatible with P3Dv4xx Cheers,
  7. Excellent shots Ryan Cheers, Pîerre
  8. The water spray problem is real, particularly for P3D v3 and v4. The effects were designed for FSX and have not been updated to P3D. That is my observation anyway. Also true at 3w5 where you have spray effects for the rapids in the river: tested in FSX, they look just fine (as originally designed), but in P3Dv3 and v4, they are completely wrong. I don't know that Orbx will fix that. Actual shots at 3W5 in FSX: in P3Dv3.4.22: Cheers, Pierre
  9. The review is pretty much all right ...But if you're in the 4k world, every bit of performance from the CPU & GPU will be useful. Cheers
  10. It matters. Your remark is relevant. The poles were there. The fact that you mention it in this forum makes other people of the community aware of something that they may have missed: case and point me. Cheers
  11. Hi John, now would be a good time to implement the file size at the store. It is a much requested feature by users. Thank you
  12. Download size for England should be corrected to read: 3.86GB Now would be a good time for Orbx to implement the download size at the store. This is a much required feature by the users. Thank you
  13. Tks a lot Andy. Used those settings and love them. It is almost like a brank new simulator!!! Cheers mate
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