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  1. Well, it seems no one noticed it. Still a bug after one full year. Anyone ??
  2. Sorry I asked. It is obvious now that Vector is dead as far as updates are concerned. Cheers, Pierre
  3. It seems this was reported way back in 2017. Which brings me to the next question: Is there anyone working on those 'noted' reports?
  4. Nice video Lee. You might want to check your scenery. That default tower is not part of the scenery. Possibly another afcad or... Cheers Pierre
  5. Tks for this Jon. Much appreciated Cheers Pierre
  6. At the Kuapa Pond, you will find an autogen building in the water. Cheers, Pierre
  7. It is actually more than just a line. If you approach the line with a chopper, you will notice that it is actually a set of power lines: with 3 lines on each side. Not sure that helps, but this is what I found out with the 429 Cheers
  8. Look in your ORBX folder for User Documents and FTX NA BLUE SAK User Guide.pdf You will find the Coverage Area in that document Cheers
  9. Look at this link: The solution is there. It works in FSX also. Tested and Working. It would be a good idea to backup this file just in case. Cheers ADE_FTX_SAK_PAHO_elevation_adjustment.BGL
  10. My 2 cents: You have 2 options here: 1. you check all your scenery add-ons for a possible conflict; 2. you get yourself the PAHO pkg and your elev problem is gone. Cheers
  11. Amazing video. Nice Flight Displays, Nice info on the beta range sensitivity, Never thought he would make it for a landing... Tks Benny
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