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  1. Just flew out of L70 - very impressive fix. Wrote L70 on my "favorites" list. Thanks Jon and @Sentry11 - much appreciated. Scott
  2. Found these floating buildings and an "elevation" bug near L 70 in TE Southern California SD. Scott Log.txt
  3. Just flying into KSBA I see what I think is a problem with a tile. Any solution? Couldn't find others who reported if any. Log txt and scenery.ini provided with picture. Love Orbx. Scott scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  4. Hello - I would like to start off with how much I truly enjoy the look of X-Plane 11.51 and my Orbx TE titles. They're fantastic. I do have a question about why there seems to be some different coloring to the default roads that are present in the Orbx titles... I'm not sure if this is an Orbx situation or an X-Plane situation - please feel free to set me straight if it's not related to Orbx. Please see the attached picture. The red circles indicate the section of highway about which I am curious. Thanks for any help. Scott
  5. Thank you again, Jon... I truly appreciate reading all the helps you give... Happy skies... Scott
  6. Hi Jon - I hope you and your family and friends are all doing well. I noticed in this thread that when you sorted a previous (different thread) scenery_packs.ini, you had all the different regions “custom, overlay, and orthos” stacked together (AAAABBBBCCCC), and in this .ini folder you aligned them (ABCABCABC). I had just adjusted my .ini file to match the (AAAABBBBCCCC) format and I believe there was a vast improvement in overall performance = FPS jumped from low 30’s to 47-49 (I have my FPS limiter in NVIDIA Control Panel set to 50). I’m wondering what the reason would be to have two dif
  7. Hello - I took a spin out to see the Redwood National Park departing from KAVC and thought the water looked a bit off. Closer inspection showed elevation anomalies around the airport. I tried with both "runway follows contour" checked and unchecked - no difference. I've provided .jpg pics, my Log.txt and my scenery_packs.ini Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide. Scott Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  8. Thanks for checking on this Jon. I will await Tony's response. Happy Skies my friend! Scott
  9. Hello - I had a similar problem with mesh in TE Washington with my KBVS Skagit purchase. Jon Clarke helped me solve that problem by turning on the "runway follows contour" option. I have it currently enabled. I've tried disabling it (checked and problem still remained), re-enabling it (checked and problem still remained), verifying files (remained), shut-down/restart computer (remained), checked scenery_packs.ini (in order)and looking for others with similar problems on this forum. Have had no luck thus far. Hoping for some direction to solve. Thanks in advance for any help offered. Sco
  10. My many thanks for your research that I'll be able to do for myself in the future. I didn't even think of "Google-earthing" it to check for myself. Lesson learned, and again, thank you! Sincerely, Scott
  11. Hi Jon - Well, that did the trick. I turned on "Runways follow terrain" and problem solved. I am curious... why have I had no problems with this being turned off for the past 5 or 6 months? I had an issue with terrain previously and was advised to not check the "follow terrain" box. Back then, unchecking the box solved my problem. I missed seeing the contour of the runway, but was happy that my terrain issues had been solved. No complaint here, I'm delighted to have the contours back! But I am trying to think of why, out of the blue, the terrain would have such a violent reaction to not
  12. Hello again - Here is the issue: 1. When I first installed KBVS it worked perfectly - I've been flying out of it on a fairly consistent basis. After the update to fix the water textures, everything still worked fine 2. Yesterday I tried to fly out of Skagit (KBVS) and was met with a picture similar to the one I've attached 3. I tried verify files for both TE Washington SD and Skagit - files verified 4. I flew to Anacortes and found similar problem. Still had problem at KBVS and surrounding area. 5. I uninstalled Skagit and then flew again - The runways were back to
  13. I apparently don't know how to edit the previous post so that I'm able to post other pictures. I have the "daylight" ones, but can not upload them because they, combined with the ones I've previously uploaded total more than 7MB. When I click on the images, I'm able to see the problem fairly well.
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