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  1. Thanks RunShotgun, that did it!
  2. Just purchased and installed A320 Immersion V2 and after installation i an receiving an Installation Error message and need to run Verify Files which does NOT seems to correct it. I am using P3dV5HF2 with AS AB Professional in the documents folder. Any thoughts? Kevin
  3. any idea why this error only comes up when Orbx makes a change to the scenery library?
  4. Is there a simple way to set the inertia value on all cameras or does it need to be done on each individual camera? Thanks Kevin
  5. Installed v5, ran through the steps to add in my Orbx scenery, loaded up KCGX and get these blotchy scenery tiles. Any thoughts? Kevin
  6. Recently upgraded to v5 and re-installed Honolulu cities and it show as active in Orbx Central. When I launch v5 I do not see the addon scenery; when I launch v4 I see it. I have tried to remove and re-install (using Orbx Central) but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks Kevin
  7. Is there any chance that these two products will be ported to P3dv4.x? I'd love to see this level of detail for this magnificent area. Kevin
  8. As someone who lives and did my GA PPL in this area those would are some fantastic additions. The Finger Lakes region makes for some magnificent scenery. I would also add KFZY. to this list. Nice dual runway GA airport with some pretty good landmarks for vfr.
  9. I am using P3Dv4 and ran into some issues with vertical waves after I installed the Nanaimo Water aerodrome - the waves are vertical like water spouts. These waves are in all scenery, not localized to Nanaimo. A user on avsim recommended to reinstall orbx libs using ftx central. I don't see a way to do this? So I also manually downloaded from the but within FTX Central I do not see the option "in FTX Central, use the "install from my manually downloaded zip" option." Thoughts? Kevin
  10. I am pretty impressed with v4 so far. Orbx scenery looks fantastic and generally have had no issues. Cloudy day out of a grass strip in Western NY, getting 60+fps. I can't wait for the rest of the North American airports to be v4 ready.
  11. Aerosoft has the Twin Otter Extended at 50% off this week. I just picked it up and was pretty impressed; much more complicated than I thought it would be. It's old but for sea, land and snow I thought it was worth the $18.00 USD for it. http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=12679&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight Simulation&s_language=english&PHPSESSID_aerosoft_esales=n02vbkjtuk04idchoe9ro612m2 Kevin
  12. I'd like to suggest KDSV, Dansville. Not a challenging airport to land in but beautiful as it's in a valley and has lots of GA and glider activity.. It also is home to the NYS Festival of Balloons each Labor Day. Thanks Kevin
  13. Being a Finger Lakes person myself, I would love to see more of these airports like DSV, D38, 7G0, 5G0, SDC, GVQ even KROC (yes there is freeware but its dated). A personal favorite of mine is Pine Hill 9G6; the DPE I had when I had my flight test had me find it along with time and fuel consumption when we were in the SW part of NY near ELZ If I could choose only 1 it would be DSV. Love flying into that airport. Kevin
  14. If I am using FSDT's PHLI how would disable the ORBX scenery for this individual airport? Kevin
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