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  1. Hi, I am using P3Dv4.5 and have a problem with the elevation of the jetties at KSEA which appear +/- 40 ft in the air. I also use GSX which may be relevant? I remember an elevation correction tool in Orbx FTX but I now use Orbx Central and can't find the tool (if it is the right way to correct this error?). If anyone has the solution I would be grateful.
  2. I believe the LIRF default scenery has the wrong frequency for runway 16R - the real world freq is 109.75 (IFRR) which didn't work the last time I flew in. Are the other ILS frequencies at LIRF correct, or have they been updated/changed in real life. If so, what frequencies does Orbx have? Many thanks
  3. It's funny - I was just thinking "I wonder if he sent me the original file by mistake"? It's the sort of thing I do all the time! Nevertheless, both new files received and loaded - bingo! No more Orbx staff member. Just in time, too. I have a lesson starting at 16.00z! Again, many, many thanks. John
  4. Oh Dear! Just tried the new file and the figures are still there. I re-downloaded, re-inserted the new file, but same result. Sorry to be a nuisance
  5. Thanks Nick - you're a star. May I distribute it amongst our BAVirtual students and instructors? Hoping all is well with you and yours, John
  6. We have just moved our training base to Oxford Kidlington airport (EGTK). On entering the main apron from the south there is a group of three people, two male, one female, standing on the taxiway about 7 ft on the east side of the centre-line. Why? By making EGTK files active/non-active I have managed to narrow the file in which these folk reside as FTX_ENG_EGTK_objects.bgl which you will know resides in FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY. Is there any way I can edit this file to remove these figures? If not, could they be edited out in a future update. Sounds like a small thing, b
  7. Hi Nick, Problem solved completely! The answer was the order of the various files/scenery areas within the FSX Scenery Folder. Using a reference description I re-ordered the scenery area folders into the "correct" order of priority and ALL the errors I had been experiencing disappeared. What is relevant is that I had done, as far as I could tell (uninstalling all Orbx files using 'Uninstall', deleting any remaining files/folders referring to Orbx, and using a 'proprietary' computer ccleaner to tidy up the registry) a completely clean installation of my Orbx
  8. Hi Nick, Thanks for that. I had actually done as you suggest using the Scenery Configurator program, nevertheless did check using Orbx Central. The problem is how do I "know" that Orbx Trees HD has actually loaded correctly. Orbx Central confirms that it has installed, I have verified the files, but it all still looks a bit sparse. Maybe its different in FSX cf. Prepar3D which I normally use? I cannot add Orbx Trees HD via myScenery Configurator program as it is not a scenery area. I presume it sits inside one of the other scenery files as n internal modif
  9. Have now used Scenery Configurator program and manually added missing ORBX files to Scenery Library. It works after a fashion. At least EGTB has its improved scenery. Orbx Trees doesn't seem to be functioning, though. Rollon my new computer!
  10. My old flight computer has had P3D removed and de-activated, so while I await my new flight computer I tried going back to FSX. My Virtual Airline uses EGTB High Wycombe (Booker) airfield as its Intial Fying Course base, and has a modified ADE_FTX_ENG_EGTB.bgl file designed to replace the equivalent ADE_FTX_ENG_EGTB.bgl ORBX file at location ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY>scenery. This replacement file adds the updated (more realistic) buildings, fuel pump facility, grass runway, grass taxiway, taxiway designation boards and stop bars. At least it did. Since
  11. As I don't have any other scenery files for Malaga I guess that means the default scenery package in Prepar3D must be where the anomaly lies? Cheers, John
  12. Orbx Europe shows only one of the two runways at Malaga. Runway depicted is the 'westerly' runway of the two: rwy 31 on the western side of the terminal buildings, but the runway is named as the 'easterly' runway of the two: rwy 32, which should be on the easterly side of the terminal buildings.
  13. Had done all of that - however having left the room (!) for 35 minutes, the connection 'unhung' and downloaded. Seems the downloads are VERY slow at the moment. Hopefully all will now work as before.
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