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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. I looked into all suggestions for add on scenery there are some nice areas I never new about. Now let's get on that new airport scenery poll!
  2. Folks, Here are some suggestions I believe would be awesome additions to your product line. KTIW- Tacoma Narrows Airport(Corporate/GA) KOLM- Olympia Regional Airport(corporate/GA) KBLI- Bellingham International Airport(Airline/corporate/GA) CYYJ- Victoria International Airport(Airline/GA/corporate) Thank you for your time -Roger
  3. I don't believe so. I just purchased the product installed it. started FSX. If you can give me like a step by step or link me to another form/post that has step by step procedures that would be great. -Roger
  4. For FSX Flight Sim Store: ORB-090 FSS0350725
  5. Recently I noticed the buildings at KWYS and KTVL are not appearing at all. I have several other ORBx products and they are all working fantastically, both in and out of the same regions. I've reloaded the regions and airport files with no improvement. anybody encountered this before, and have a solution?
  6. Has anybody looked into KTIW. I think it would be a great addition for the PNW
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