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  1. Super Moon - pfooey

    got a good view of it at 545 to 6 here on the west coast of Cali also. I would call it a large impressive moon and reserve the super adjective for another time.
  2. 25,000 Foot Freefall - NO PARACHUTE!!!

    he got pretty close to the edge of the net .
  3. OrbxDirect and FTXCv3 FAQ - add feedback here

    I like the new system but I have a question about the scenery library it got changed around so ozx is no longer at the top does the scenery library order even matter anymore with the new bgl lookup ? also if I want to fly say only in Australia can I untick all my other scenery's in the library without causing a problem? will that help performance ? thanks
  4. Orbx Narvik is magical!

    nice vid Benny
  5. Not so subtle baits and useless hint

    I thought asia was 3rd in line ...... too
  6. Valdez - congrats to Markus and Phillip

    I noticed the price was a little higher than previous airport packages but this is a truly spectacular package . Very very convincing and realistic with great performance. I am using fsx so I can only imagine how this would look with cloud shadows in p3d. I am happy with my purchase . great job from Orbx once again.
  7. Orbx Narvik is magical!

    I have norway win 7 fsx I always pay attention to established members reviews good or bad as they are usually a good indicator of product performance and look and feel thanks again for the mini review Sniper.
  8. The things i have to contend with.

    eh hem I am not a cat fan ...allergies........ however I have hundreds of "pet" spiders hiding in the corners they eat the dustmites , in fact looking at these pics made my eyes water and breathing labored I really am allergic to those beasties
  9. Orbx Narvik is magical!

    well that is enlightening are you using P3D
  10. Dovetail Flight School

    I will be buying it , of course !
  11. FTX Hawaii

    I hope Molokini gets returned one of these days
  12. Phriday Phunny...

    that reminds me of the funny jokes in the back of the readers digest we got in the mail back when things....a different time
  13. Ozzie Complete

    Wow frank all that time following your thread about the building of you sim really makes this vid impressive. It is great to see it in action and hear the satisfaction in your voice explaining the gadgets to your sis . It looks amazing great Job! sir!
  14. complete re install what would you do

    Hi Sue I am getting a 1tb drive so I will be venturing into p3d is that what your running?