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  1. no problem here.hope you get it sorted out
  2. got a good view of it at 545 to 6 here on the west coast of Cali also. I would call it a large impressive moon and reserve the super adjective for another time.
  3. I like the new system but I have a question about the scenery library it got changed around so ozx is no longer at the top does the scenery library order even matter anymore with the new bgl lookup ? also if I want to fly say only in Australia can I untick all my other scenery's in the library without causing a problem? will that help performance ? thanks
  4. I made the mistake of logging in on my lappy at work and now when I try to log in from home it says that e mail is already taken. I guess its a matter of corralling all the livestock. I miss the old days
  5. I know what you mean try looking at the panama canal there is an 80 ft ledge in the water right in front of it. ! I run my mesh at 5 m that is suggested for all the orbx airports dont know if thats the problem ... are you running the pilots mesh?
  6. I noticed the price was a little higher than previous airport packages but this is a truly spectacular package . Very very convincing and realistic with great performance. I am using fsx so I can only imagine how this would look with cloud shadows in p3d. I am happy with my purchase . great job from Orbx once again.
  7. I have norway win 7 fsx I always pay attention to established members reviews good or bad as they are usually a good indicator of product performance and look and feel thanks again for the mini review Sniper.
  8. eh hem I am not a cat fan ...allergies........ however I have hundreds of "pet" spiders hiding in the corners they eat the dustmites , in fact looking at these pics made my eyes water and breathing labored I really am allergic to those beasties
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