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  1. I'm talking about textures on buildings/hangars - I'll take some pics
  2. Conflict with community addons? I've recently purchased EGHI and don't see this. Try disabling your community add ons then try again.
  3. Southampton and Burbank - I've noticed the textures on the buildings/hangars are low res and blurry. I'll be honest some of the freeware I have use higher resolutions so I'm a little disappointed and its not the usual Orbx standard I am used to.
  4. I bought this the other day and suffered repeated CTD loading the airfield, I connected to their discord server and got the same reply above almost straight away. Its broke, they know its broke and are working on a fix.
  5. I had flat scenery and flickering textures, make sure you dont have the Thames water fix in your community folder.
  6. Create a "Disabled" folder in \community and simply move the Orbx London Landmarks folder, job done.
  7. yep noticed the notams after my rather hasty post - should have done my homework
  8. thanks Nick I clearly am! I just assumed it was active because there are approaches on the chart I never looked at sat image. Apologies if I'm in wrong place, I bought a product from Orbx Central so came here for Support. I never noticed it was a partner product I just hit buy and install!
  9. Hi there So I've just purchased EIDW but notice runway 16/34 has X marked up and down the runway, which denotes its closed. However not according to latest navigraph charts, this is an active runway? Or am I mistaken? Thanks
  10. Always useful to explain what the issue was for someone searching!?
  11. Thanks for the reply Nick, I understand these issues can be personal and environmental. Last night I downloaded something from Steam to test my connection and yep, was downloading at approx 38MB/s. So I think my connection isn't the issue - you definitely have some kind of bottle neck. Maybe increased load on the Orbx CDN due to sales??
  12. Never suffered from this before, I bought 3 airports last night and they are downloading at a painfully slow 500kb/s! I have a 350MB connection with download speeds capable of 40MB/s. Do you have issues? Thanks
  13. Purchased LOWG tonight just finished a sector leaving at dusk and returning at night, absolutely well done guys what a beautiful airport. Looks fantastic with the latest night lighting update as well. Honestly if I squint I could be flying the Bonanza for real, immersion level is off the charts!! For anyone else hovering over the BUY button, do it now! Cheers
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