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  1. They look alright, but the flight characteristics leave me wishing for more realism. Also, there are barely any settings you can make. The first time you start it, it feels like an arcade-type game interface. But I'm sure they're working on that. For the time being, I use Aerofly FS 2 as a pure entertainment simulator in VR. The frame rate it can achieve is insane, whilst looking amazing. As much as I would love to fly a PMDG 737 in P3D in VR, the frame rate just doesn't allow me to enjoy the experience for long. Visble stutters occur and nausea is bound to kick in after about 10 minutes for me at least. I don't get that with the solid 90 fps Aerofly can deliver to the rift and have no problem flying for an hour or two and enjoying true immersion. Hence I'm really looking forward to LOWI in Aerofly FS 2 which should work great with the Switzerland DLC.
  2. LDDU My first look.

    Absolutely amazing. I can't wait to fly the Dash to and from Zurich. Misha, you're a genius!
  3. ESSA Stockholm Arlanda - My final shots

    Looks amazing! Goes into the basket as soon nas it's released.
  4. ESSA, A few from me.P3DV3.

    Cannot wait for this release and so glad at the same time, that I never bought a version of any other distributor, due to the lack of native P3D compatibility. Merry Christmas to me... I sure do hope.
  5. Looks spectacular. Can't wait for this one. Thanks in advance
  6. Which mountain groups...preferred?

    I also voted for the Alps. Living in Switzerland, this might not come as a surprise. But it is about time, to get a quality product out there to enjoy. Hope they make the racew!