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  1. More like the roos getting out of the way of slightly in-control R22s in the heli training area!! I remember a student doing a pedal-turn around a dead roo at Caloundra years ago - all went well until he got downwind LOL! I thought he was going to over-pitch trying to get away (it was very ripe after being bowled by a FW the week previously). Is that Nev's brother? I saw Bomber 7 & 8 heading out this morning but from what I heard on 135.25 they couldn't locate the fire. Massive one going on right now around Tonkin & Welshpool Rd. Three helibombers very busy.
  2. Went for a taxi to the northern apron and pleased to see the Dunn Dromaders parked in their usual places. Perfection would include: The sink on final for 23L - must be something to do with the sand dunes there.The hawks that soar on 23L/06RSuper-helpful Tower controllersThe Classic Wings DC3Another 50 C172s parked near SingaporeThe Adventure World tower At least 20 aircraft in the circuitAh to heck with it... just hire a PA28 and do it for real
  3. Another great addon guys. I was even looking for the kangaroo that was visiting airside thismorning!
  4. Brilliant work guys - my only complaint is that I can't talk the good-lookin chick beside the green hatchback into having a drink at the aeroclub
  5. It's the YPJT GAAP inbound reporting point "Shipyards" - flew over it yesterday
  6. LOL! The people who make the soundpack are called "TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS" Actually, Soloy do a turboprop conversion for the 206 & 210.
  7. Folks, the soundpack I found is http://secure.simmarket.com/turbine-sound-studios-cessna-206-soundpack.phtml Maybe it's my system, (and I've flown C206s and C210s), but the Turbine soundpack is much better than the stock one, with the high RPM interference gone completely.
  8. Ah, never mind. I found a 3rd party C206 sound pack that does the job. Much better!
  9. Evening all, I've just upgraded my faithful Carenado 206 Stationair to the FSX version and wanted to ask anyone else with the same Carenado 206 if the engine sound at full MP is awfully 'tinny'? At 25" and 25 RPM it sounds much better, almost normal, but full power takeoffs and climb are nothing like the real sound. Is there a sound file available for the 206 that might help? Cheers!
  10. Sorry guys, I've added my order no's to my sig now - I originally posted in the general forum because I thought it'd have to be something particular to my setup. Great support, can't wait for Green so I can fly around my old stomping ground.
  11. Yep, that's what I see too wantok - three trees and one smack bang in the middle of the rw. Managed to stop the Mooney before the middle tree
  12. Maybe it's something about my FTX/FSX setup, but I have ruddy great trees growing out of the runway at Katanning. Anyone else with this particular challenge on RW07?
  13. Ages ago I stumbled across something somethere on the web about virtual charter ops - being able to earn virtual $$ by taking on charter flights with cargo & PAX. It looked quite interesting but stuffed if I can find it again. Does anyone have an idea what site I might have been looking at??
  14. If that's the C206 (not the B206), I gotta say that I just love that old workhorse. Flew one for a station back in the 80's, cargo pod and all. The cargo pod was especially good for catching the avgas from a fuel line leak I once had from Bris to the Gulf - that was an 'oh crap' experience!
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