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  1. john548

    EGTR Elstree XP 11 from me.

    The attention to detail is second to none! keep them coming Orbx!
  2. wow! beautiful, keep them coming.
  3. Beautiful shots!! I can see the flats I used to holiday in at Porth Madog
  4. TrueEarth Central was mentioned by JV for November with North following soon after.
  5. I have only one word to say...FANTASTIC..excuse the upcase but I had to shout it !! Thx for all the hard work put into our 'other' flightsims. Now we have more choices of platforms with Orbx products involved!! Cheers.
  6. Brilliant !! Bring it on
  7. john548

    PC-12 from Stewart

    oops! sorry TTM...I'm mixing up the posts I'm reading ( not Stewart )
  8. john548

    PC-12 from Stewart

    hello Stewart The POD is for the weather radar system. Cheers.
  9. john548


    Orbx are producing products for X-Plane. Check out JVs Orbx 2018 Roadmap announcement above your post in General Discussions. Plenty of info there for X-Plane. Cheers.
  10. hello Have a read of the link below for the best way to reinstall Orbx onto a new machine. I am sure it will help you on your way. But as Michael has said, one license for one machine are the rules as stated in EULA on the OrbxDirect site. Cheers.
  11. I am all for the idea but will wait until I have viewed the Netherlands before committing to it. As I am a summer flier seasons don't bother me so much as other pilots but if seasons come with the 120gb package maybe I will use them.
  12. john548


    Hi Have a look at the link below. It will tell you all. Cheers
  13. ORBX regions would be good and if airports can be easily ported over...would be even better. That's my vote Cheers.
  14. yes it is. It works perfect in my P3Dv4.1
  15. john548

    LDPL My Final Shots.

    Fantastic shots..and final ones Look like its time to get the wallet out again.