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  1. On the product page it does state that True Earth Great Britain North (TEGB) is required as a prerequisite to use this airport.
  2. Any 'Transaction ID' can be inserted into your profile so Orbx can identify you.
  3. Its a known problem that Asobo are working on to rectify and it is a different problem to what has been discussed in this post. A new post by yourself would have been better but if your read thru other posts in the Microsoft Simulator Support Forum you will see others are having the same problem and also a temporary solution by Jon Clarke offered until an update is released. Have a look at the link below.
  4. Check this link out. It may help with your problem. Cheers
  5. This is the General Discussion Forum and as the heading states 'No support requests here please' This post needs re-posting into the P3D support forum if that is the sim you are using. Cheers
  6. Probably your layering needs adjusting. Attach your scenery_packs.ini to your next post so an expert can check it out and adjust as necessary. In the meantime check that your True Earth GB entries are below Global Airports and EGGP is above Global Airports in your scenery_packs.ini Cheers.
  7. I'm running Orbx Central v4.1.28 if that's any help.
  8. All the airports you have mentioned above are available for P3D v5 according to the listing in Orbx central.
  9. I don't know where you have been looking but AU Australia V2 has been out for over a year for all sims from FSX to P3D v5 and is at the moment on sale. Perhaps all the other '23 Aussie products' are on sale also.
  10. KRDD is not yet compatible with P3D v5 so that is why you are having problems. Orbx are probably having problems updating it. Have a look at products on OrbxDirect website and you can see which are still not compatible.
  11. SkylanePilot.... The OP posted this on May 26 2020 and his problem was solved. I suggest you start your own post so that it has more chance of the experts seeing it and solving your problem. Cheers.
  12. Have a look of the link below. Perhaps it will solve your problem. Cheers.
  13. Check under North America or Partners tab in Orbx Central. Its there waiting for your cash.
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