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  1. Latest version is but version 4 is expected in the future. Orbx never give out precise release dates for any of their releases. When it is released all customers will be required to update to it for the new features that will be included.
  2. These forums are specifically for topics relating to Orbx products and flight sims. I doubt very much you will get a reply to your question. Best for you to do a online search for graphic design companies and ask your question there. Cheers.
  3. I have 3 payware planes that have got the GTN750 fitted as standard. They are from Aerobask and are the Panthera v3 HD Pipistrel, Eclipse 550 NG and the Velocity V-Twin. That's if you want to spend even MORE money!
  4. Excuse me if you already know this Jack, but the "dopey mysterious" controller that you are seeing is the identification code of something connected to your PC. VID:0x1532 is the Vendor ID code and PID:0x0207 is the Product ID code. If you check the bottom of the controllers connected (mouse and keyboard included) there should be a PID code which will tell you what the mysterious controller is that's being recognised in the sim. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  5. Thx for that info JV. Since I have LOWI on P3D and AeroFly FS2 and think its superb, I will wait for the X-Plane version to be released. I don't think any other version will better then Orbx version.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Orbx gave LOWI a miss for X-Plane because its already been developed by another third party. Perhaps Orbx developers can comment on this ??
  7. The attention to detail is second to none! keep them coming Orbx!
  8. Beautiful shots!! I can see the flats I used to holiday in at Porth Madog
  9. TrueEarth Central was mentioned by JV for November with North following soon after.
  10. I have only one word to say...FANTASTIC..excuse the upcase but I had to shout it !! Thx for all the hard work put into our 'other' flightsims. Now we have more choices of platforms with Orbx products involved!! Cheers.
  11. oops! sorry TTM...I'm mixing up the posts I'm reading ( not Stewart )
  12. hello Stewart The POD is for the weather radar system. Cheers.
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