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  1. hello Have a read of the linked post below for the answer that you require. Please note that Orbx Central is needed.
  2. There are instructions in the User Guide for problems with activation. You may find your answer there. Cheers
  3. Also note that there's two lots of TE Central in your scenery_packs.ini Weird or what ? Also note that Landmarks, especially London Landmarks should be below Global Airports.
  4. The sale says 'Commonwealth Regions' and airports are not regions. Regions are products such as True Earth and the earlier regions such as England , Scotland and Wales etc that are in the Commonwealth. The other airports on sale are probably more then 'just' airports where a large area has been included. Orbx may well confirm this. Cheers
  5. hello The original Vector is not compatible with P3D v5. A new version is available for P3D v5 which can be found in your account if you are trying to install the original.
  6. Yes. Uninstall the HD version and install the SD version instead. But you can only have one or the other installed at a time.
  7. My scenery looks the same and it has been mentioned that an update for KSAN is coming so maybe it will fix this problem
  8. They are the same areas but HD is of a higher definition then SD.
  9. Its your 'scenery_packs.ini' file that needs to be posted because that's what "Your scenery load order looks all screwed up to me" is referring to.
  10. This is a Pilots Plus airport and not an Orbx one. Does that explain your issues ?
  11. The link below is found in 'Community Airport, POI requests and photo submissions' forum so might be the best place to post your suggestion.
  12. Fastlane is the testing of future versions of Orbx Central that myself and thousands of others are using. Read the link below.
  13. You must have AI Traffic running for Australia and New Zealand...which is Freeware from Orbx.
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