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  1. I'm also having the same issue, with my plane bouncing along the runway on take-off at default True Earth FL airports. P3D v4.5. Vector , BASE Pack, Terra Flora V2, Trees HD, OpenLC North America, Buildings HD installed. Miami City X is turned off. Only other payware airports are Latin VFR KRSW and KEYW.
  2. Just completed a flight from Moorabbin to Wangaratta, and would like to compliment Orbx on Australia SP1. The scenery was quite breathtaking. The overall look of this update is a big improvement from the original release, which was also top notch but becoming a little outdated (kinda where Orbx started). Thanks for a great product.
  3. Hi Doug, I also have noticed that occasionally I am seeing black textures in my scenery, most recently in Australia V2. I have verified the files, etc. Forgive me, just confirming what you said about the placement of Orbx Libraries: Also ensure your Orbx Libraries are installed in the simulator ORBX folder and not in a library separate from the simulator. Seems I may have got this wrong. I have P3D V4.5 installed on my D Drive. When I installed Orbx Central, (on the SAME drive as my P3D) I created a Main Library and called it D:\Orbx Library. Inside that folder I have D:\
  4. Hi, I had the same issue, YBCS was showing as installed, but nowhere to be seen in the Scenery Library (P3D v4.5, Australia V2). Also the Australia V2 box was ticked in the Configure panel. When loading the airport, it appeared as the default P3D v4.5 airport. I decided to uninstall and reinstall YBCS using the XML method. It is now working as it should. Most of my other ORBX airports are installed conventionally into the P3D folder. Strange...................
  5. Gday Bruce, SUCCESS!! Yes, that fixed the texture issue! It appears it didn't like being installed using the P3DV4AddonOrganizer .xml method. YBSU, along with Ozx Library, is now installed in P3D Scenery Library. Gotta love flight sims. I wonder why it wouldn't work? Anyway Bruce, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers, John
  6. Hello Bruce, I do have those two files in my P3D v4.5 YBSU Texture folder; also in my OZx_LIB Texture folder. I tried disabling them in either the YBSU or OzX Library texture folder, but didn't make any difference. I also downloaded the Ozx P3D v4 library files again, but also no success.
  7. Hello, I purchased Australia V2 a few weeks ago, and it is in my FTX Central 3 (P3D v4.5), but have not installed it yet. I don't want to install Orbx Central 4, until they iron out some issues. After uninstalling Aus V1 and Holgermesh Australia, can I install Aus V2 using FTX Central 3, then adjust the Aussie airports using the zip files that Nick provided?
  8. Gday all, I recently installed Flukey's YBSU into P3D V4.5 ( OZX Converted P3D Libraries installed and I am fairly confident I followed all of Flukey's instructions re P3D V4 installation. (YBSU was installed using the addon.xml method). The only thing that appears not right is black ground "cones" around the airport (see pic). I am currently using Australia V1 only. It's got me stumped. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi jfwharton, I had an issue with KGPI regarding strange ground textures (white aircraft shapes on ground, etc). Turns out it was caused by me updating the P3D v4.4 navdata using the Aero.sors Navdata Update program. Of course, this might not apply to you, but here is the fix I found that worked for me: KGPI FIX CAUSED BY NAVDATA UPDATE USING AERO.SORS NAV UPDATE: OK - I believe I solved the problem for me, at least. In the ...\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0201\scenery folder I have the following two files that relate to the default KFCA folder: APX17140.bgl and AP
  10. A big thank you to all at Orbx for this superb airport and surrounding scenery. One happy Aussie flight simmer.
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