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  1. Yes, even though the Antarctica mesh is the lowest level of detail mesh of the FreeMeshX set, it's still a huge improvement to the default mesh. Good to hear, Mark. We're going to be adding some improvements to Europe now that the USA mesh is available for beta testing. The Austrian Alps are seeing some refinement, for example. But this is still a bit of a ways off, so WIP at this point.
  2. I don't think it's 80 GB. I'm only finding about 1.56 GB.
  3. Was able to transition and migrate to the new system without delay or problems. Good work. Daniel
  4. @Jack Sawyer For FreeMeshX, it's better just to disable AEC for U.S. airports since the U.S. terrain isn't modified in FMX. The airport elevation corrections in FTX Vectors will actually cause artifacts like those in the USA because it has no way of knowing what mesh you're using. However, disabling the U.S. AEC corrections isn't straightforward because the Vector config tool doesn't support disabling airports by country. I disable USA AEC via a Python script, but that's outside most user's expertise levels.
  5. Yeah, you are seeing the effects of FreeMeshX in this area.
  6. Well here is what I have with the openLC landclass if this helps at all.
  7. Yeah, that doesn't look to be a mesh issue anymore. Hmmmm.
  8. This was an old bug corrected in the first patch of FreeMeshX. You'll want to download at least the cumulative 1.05 and non-cumulative 1.06 patch for FreeMeshX to fix this (and other bugs in Europe). http://ninetwopro.com/freemeshx-global-patch-1-05/ http://ninetwopro.com/freemeshx-1-06-patch-is-released/
  9. Hi Jack, I just responded to your e-mail, bud. I'll try my best to get you started.
  10. Just to chime in here quickly to not sidetrack the OP's discussion. The default location of Lukla is wrong in FSX. It's about a whole kilometer off. That's why you end up in a valley with FreeMeshX enabled, because the airport is mistakenly put into the middle of a mountain. Some freeware and payware airports correct its location.
  11. Shameless plug below: I use FreeMeshX. It's based on the new 2015 30 meter SRTM dataset, and I keep it updated with patches to fix artifacts or fill voids. It's released under a Creative Commons license which cannot be revoked or amended (even by me), so it will always remain forever free. It has no fancy branding or marketing package, but it's pretty solid, and I'm further improving it. It's LOD10 for the majority of the world, and if I'm correctly reading the product descriptions of FS Global 2010 and Ultimate, then that is higher than the LOD9 SRTM base meshes they use. However, it is fair to say the FS Global series do feature a LOD11 North America and some nice high resolutions sets for some mountain ranges (European Alps anyone?), and I'm sure PILOTS will soon release a new mesh set that will take advantage of the new SRTM data as well. Definitely get a mesh (and FTX Vectors) if you intend on flying outside of the U.S., and explore the world. The default mesh is pretty crummy and there is so much for detail at your fingertips with a new mesh.
  12. You can't really go wrong with either Holgermesh or FreeMeshX in my opinion. Both are SRTM based (or so i think).
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