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  1. Hello Jocko No, If you wish to update Prepar3D there is no benefit in doing a complete uninstall & reinstall, The update components will resolve this quickly for you. Its a personal preference really as to what you update, The Client component is mandatory though to update Prepar3D, Content and Scenery are an optional update. Most folks just update the Client. Note: Ensure you first uninstall the existing Client before you run the updated Client. If you also update the Content ensure you then launch the FTX Central control panel to veri
  2. Hello thorax Welcome to the FTX Forums. Did you Install the Orbx Libraries ? Did you see this message at the bottom of the FTX Central Control panel ? Ensure you click on the blue to update. Then launch Prepar3D and test. Try that and let me know how you get on
  3. Hello Carlos Pretty much what Nick posted. That's an incredible amount of Scenery you are loading at once. Yes try a Scenery library manager to help things along. I don't use them myself so I can't recommend one but there are plenty of reviews and topics about them
  4. Hello Don Lots of different situations will Impact on loading times, Hardware, Amount of Scenery, Ai Add Ons, High settings and so on. 12 minutes seems long though. What other Scenery Add Ons do you have Installed (Non Orbx) ? -------- Here is a quick test you can try to help narrow down where the long loading times are coming from. Navigate to the location below and Click and Drag the complete "Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" folder out of this location and pop it onto your Desktop, This will temporarily disable these Add Ons.
  5. Hello Don Did you see this message to update the Orbx Libraries at the bottom of the FTX Central Control panel ? Ensure you click on the blue to update. This might be a contributing factor as to why the Orbx scenery has not activated. If you have already Installed the Orbx Libraries please try and reinstall them again To Reinstall the "Orbx Libraries" Delete the version text file located below (Delete the red box) Prepar3D v4 ► ORBX ► User Documents ► Versions ► FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT Right cli
  6. Hello There is no requirement (You must) steps to take after updating your graphics driver, Just recommended steps to take really. It is recommended but not required to delete the Shaders folder and the Prepar3D.cfg file and let Prepar3D generate these again when launched next after completing the following actions 1) Updating your Graphics Driver 2) Installing a new Graphics Card 3) Updating Prepar3D using the Update Component Installers (Client) Shaders folder: Depending on what updates either your new graphics driver has Inje
  7. Hello Stew Apologies for my late reply, Did you get sorted ?
  8. Hello Stewart Are you able to launch Prepar3D ? Or does this crash happen in flight ? Mostly texture programs will add to and or modify these locations, ShadersHLSL, Textures, Effects\Textures, Scenery\World\Texture, Scenery\Global\Texture, Sound (And maybe More) Does the Rex control panel have a "Cloud Sizing algorithm" option ? This modify's the ShadersHLSL folder For certain , If i was to use a texture program I would then delete my Shaders folder and let Prepar3D generate this again when launched next. ---
  9. Hello I.J The Issue you are having is due to the space between P&M and Graphix in your user name Please see this post below by Nick Cooper Click on Nick Cooper replied to a topic
  10. Hello westbros That's good news Yes a learning curve for myself also
  11. Hello westbros If you type FTX Central into your Windows search bar it will appear in the Options, Then right click on it and click Pin to taskbar, FTX Central will now be located in the bottom tray of your screen. You can also click Open file location, Then right click on FTX Central 3 > Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut) It will now be located on your Desktop Empty, As in no Prepar3D v4 Add ons folder ? Or empty as in no Objectflow Add-on.xml file ? Did you launch Prepar3D first and then close it down again ?
  12. Hello westbros It will show the Add On's that are being launched from the Prepar3D v4 Add Ons folder in Documents, So if you have 6 Add On folder in this location it will show 6 Add On entries in the Add On menue. --------------- I'm in the process of setting up a new User Account called Gary & Adrian I will let you know my results either late tonight or tomorrow evening
  13. Hello westbros As Nick has pointed out Your User name could in fact be the cause of this But Changing the actual name for your folder directory is a bit tricky, This would involve you creating another User account and removing your old account. The alternative is also a bit messy, You could add another User account to Windows 10 (Standard account) Prepar3D would still be in place no problem, But you would need to download and Install FTX Central again, All your Orbx files would still be located in the same place. Then you would launch Prep
  14. Hello westbros Running Prepar3D as administrator is recommended only but not required. It is required though to Install Prepar3D as administrator. Running Prepar3D is recommended of course from the user community as we all tend to stuff our Sims with loads of different Add Ons that require access to read and write files from Inside the C drive operating system and other drives that have not been set up with the proper Control writes But by right clicking on the Prepar3D desktop Icon each time and running as administrator is fine no problem Y
  15. Hello westbros Can you Copy the contents of your Add-on.xml file and Paste it into your next reply. Just left click the mouse and drag it over the complete Tex until it turns blue then right click and Copy this Tex and Paste here ------------- Also is Prepar3D Installed to this default location below ? Or did you Create a New folder on your C drive and Install to this new folder C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  16. Hello westbros Please first have a look at Nicks post above. ------------------------ Have you tried running Prepar3D as administrator ? Have you tried running the FTX Central control panel as administrator ? Are you logged onto your PC as the administrator ? -------- Ok, This is a long shot Type file explorer options into your windows search bar, Click View, Ensure you Un-Tick the Box for Hide Extensions and click Apply (Just like the Images shows) Then click into th
  17. Hello westbros Please try this step. Delete these 2 add-on.cfg files. These will generated again when Prepar3D is launched, It will also refresh these files. When you launch Prepar3D it will (Should) prompt you to "Enable" these Add On's Note: Even if these files are empty, Delete them anyway Navigate to the location's below and Delete the 2 blue files. ------ Local Disk (C:) ► ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v4 ► add-ons.cfg Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► P
  18. Hello Mac What video memory does this card have ? Both FSX and specifically Prepar3D would require you to have at least 2 gig of GPU Video memory to enjoy the Sim with Add Ons Installed and even at that you would have to run many of the settings on Low - Medium, More so with Prepar3D (With Add On's Installed) You could try and lower your Graphics & Scenery settings and lock your frames per second at 20 or maybe 24 to help minimize the Impact.
  19. Hello westbros Just a thought........... Do you have Onedrive activated on your PC ? Maybe Prepar3D is only launching the Add-on.xml files from the location below C: ► Users ► You ► OneDrive ► Documents ► Prepar3D v4 Add-ons If there is a "Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" folder in this location Click and Drag the Orbx ObjectFlow 2 folder into this Onedrive location above and test
  20. Hello Celso I never got into 4K, So I can't be of much help to you i'm afraid. 4K can Introduce an extra layer of complications (Sometimes) There is a 10 page Topic on the Avsim Forum about this very Issue. There is one or 2 users using 4K and are discussing this problem (Cant remember what page) Have a read though it, Maybe you might find some of the suggestions helpfull If not, Can you please tell me What Add On's you have currently Installed ? https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/538476-ground-textures-gets-more-blurry-the-furthe
  21. To Overclock hardware is to basically make it faster and more powerful, It would Involve pushing the value past the default configuration. Overclocking hardware is only recommended for people who know what they are doing Or maybe want to learn about this procedure. If you are not careful you will break stuff You can also be left with all types of problems after a bad overclock. Personally I don't bother with it at all
  22. Hello carlosqr Does this Image clear up after some time or is it just like a picture on the ground ? For example: If you leave it for a minute or two does it become clear ? What other Add On's do you have Installed ? What are your computer specs ?
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