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  1. Hello Daniel Welcome to the FTX Forum. Have you tried checking your email Spam \ Trash folder ?
  2. Hello Anthin Try these steps one by one and test as you go along....... .Open your Graphics panel Nvidia or Radeon and Reset the values back to default again and click Ok. If your using Nvidia Inspector also Reset this as well .Delete the FSX.cfg file and let it generate again, located here: AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft ► FSX ► FSX.cfg .Update or reinstall your Graphics driver ensuring you Tick the box for "Perform a clean Installation" when prompted the option
  3. Hello Anthin If Nicks suggestion does not work this Issue of a garbled menu is possible due to a corrupt dll.xml file You can test this by Clicking and Dragging the complete dll.xml file out of the location below and put it safety onto your desktop After you do this then launch FSX and test. If this does not work you can simply click and drag this file back again. Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Roaming ► Microsoft ► FSX - Dll.xml
  4. @Jack Sawyer Thank you very much Jack for the Birthday wishes, I appreciate the thought And also thank you to everybody else for the wishes
  5. Hello David Are you referring to the Tongass Control panel ? If so, by using the link Smudger has posted the answer is No, But the control panel is not required to use this Scenery. For the Control panel to launch and operate successfully it would need to see a specific key in the register editor, this key is only Installed if you are Installing for FSX only. You can certainly set it up to work no problem but this is a little more complex and would require the user to be comfortable editing the registry editor and moving config files around, for most folks this method is not recommended. As I said the scenery works no problem in Prepar3D by just using the link above. ------------- There is an Alternative way to Install Tongass on page 2 of Smudgers link as seen Here, this involves editing the reg editor to Included the FSX key, by doing this the control panel will work but it also Involves moving some config files around to complete the Install process. If you read INDEX 5 you can also use a utility tool to create the FSX key, After this you would then skip the first part of the video and follow the rest of it. Note: This method is not recommended if you have FSX and Prepar3D currently Installed and working because it requires you to divert the FSX key to your Prepar3D Install location.
  6. My Issue has been Resolved, I reset the Font settings in my control panel and all is good again
  7. Yes its a google Chrome things The Image below is the same Image but using Internet Explorer. The strange thing is its only on the FTX Forums. I will Investigate some more
  8. Hello Larry The Image below is what i can see in your post. Its obviously a google chrome setting on my side, I will Investigate
  9. Hello Either my eyes or my computer is telling me lies, Here is what i would like to Know 1) Is this sentence in Bold font or just ordinary font ? 2) Is this sentence in Bold font or just ordinary font ? The Image below is what i see when I am writing. After I create a post on the FTX Forums on different computers i can see my post in different fonts, some computers its Bold and others its just in Ordinary font , Like number 2. To my knowledge I am now writing in ordinary font ? Is it a google Chrome settings ?
  10. Hello Kem Welcome to the FTX Forums Your email address is the only personal Information on the FTX Central page. A user would need to know your Email password for this to be an Issue. The only problem that may arise is you might get unsolicited emails (Spam) after showing your Email address on a public Forum You have nothing to worry about
  11. Hello Derek When a Topic turns to “my sim vs your sim” I’m afraid no amount of warnings will work.
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