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  1. Happy Birthday and I hope you get better. I've been away from flight simming for a few years but I am back with MSFS 2020. I spent a week in the ICU on oxygen with Covid and pneumonia in October, luckily I did not have to go on a ventilator, but having COPD I was nervous. Get better soon.
  2. My land a mighty, I have not logged on in forever, been flying space games, lol. Anyway, I downloaded Volanta and took it for a spin, it worked great but I could not get it to highlight my flight path from my from and too airports, but I could clearly see my plane's icon as it moved along. I set up the departure and arrival airports in Volanta, not in another program then copy and pasted or loaded a plan, etc... Also, I would zoom in close but it would automatically zoom back out. Seems like it will be a really nice app, already is, I just need t
  3. Woo Hoo, they did it, I must get it.
  4. Been there, done that, soloed in a Cessna 150, and later a Citabria in preparation for flying a conventional gear ultralight a friend designed. It would whip around and ground loop faster than a rattlesnake strikes, lol. Then in the Army 6000+ miles from home I almost broke my neck, two surgeries, titanium hardware, cadaver bones, and permanent damage .
  5. Thank you all, and sorry it took a while to reply. I added a couple of new hard drives and Windows 10 and have not had a chance to get very much done yet. I shall give multiplayer A TRY WHEN I GET BACK ON p3d EVENTUALLY. I REMEMBER SHARING A HELICOPTOR RIDE WITH A FELLOW FROM bc AND HE TOOK ME ON A TOUR OF HIS NEIGHBORHHOD BACK WHEN fsx FIRST CAME OUT, sorry for the caps lock, wasn't yelling, lol. Windows 10 is temporarily installed on my 4TB HDD for now, I am going to install it on the SSD, but Oculus Rift will only initially install onto the sa
  6. Use to fly a lot before I injured my neck, will get a sport pilot certificate some day.
  7. I especially love flying in VR with Oculus Rift, and before VR flying was my only PC sim/game, but I may be burnt out with flying for now. With VR I have branched out and found new loves, racing, trucking simulation, artwork in VR, etc... I added a joystick and throttle mount to my office chair and they fall perfectly to hand with my Thrustmaster controls, but I only flew for 5 minutes and grew bored and immediately put my steering wheel and H-shifter back in place and put my flight controls and rudder pedals away, like they have been for a couple of months at least.
  8. Excellent job, I'd love to have a sim pit for some flights and have it to where I can fly VR some flights.
  9. It came out on my Birthday on the 15th but I just got it today. And it is the best BD gift I got, I love it. It is the performance, scenery, etc, I have always dreamed of. I have a little flashing but sure the NVIDIA settings will take care of that. Thanks Jarred, JV, and all the rest.
  10. Happy Birthday John hope it's a good one...and to me too, woo hoo.
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