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  1. Well Jay, the problem is now not the download speed, but that every time I open the zip another part of it is broken. I just need one file now OrbxFTXGlobalVector120.10
  2. Where do I add my Order number - Cant find a place in Profile setting to do this?
  3. Well Guys, Left downloads over night. Base finally come in at about 4hours download. But zip was broken with 2 of the file inside not unzipping. Downloaded again, this time other files broken, so was able to assemble installation set from 2 downloads. Same problem with Vector, but I've now downloaded it 10 times from all the servers and still cannot get a OrbxFTXGlobalVector120.10 file that is not broken in the zip. Oh yes and I now use GetRight for downloads, full paid version. This is getting super frustrating having to download tens of gigs but have one file stopping install. Can anyone just give me a link to a working OrbxFTXGlobalVector120.10 ?? Update: I have done everything everyone suggest on this forum in multiple threads :
  4. Well it is 2015 now - And Im getting the same super slow download of GlobalBase130. Windows download fluctuating between 17 hours and 3 days to download, 3 DAYS !! Not good! The Global Vector at almost 7 Gigs downloaded in 15 minutes from UK to East Coast USA They gotta fix this !!
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