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  1. Thnx John - I do have my Orbx sceneries in a Library so i will use that method. Appreciate the heads up. Richard
  2. Hi all, I just purchased Orbx True Earth FLorida. I want to use this scenery for my GA flying and then disable it when i fly with PMDG. I have Orbx North America OpenLC installed and would like to use that for my PMDG flights. Thnx Richard
  3. Awaiting an invite- but one cool feature i'd like to see implemented is the flag banner like FSHub - flags for each of the counties that you have visited. Richard Bansa
  4. Ahhh, thanks much Nick, my bad on this, i was mixing up decimal places. Thnx for the help Richard
  5. Nick I was trying to follow the install instructions from this post.
  6. Hi Nick, the sequence of events was this: 1. I Selected P3Dv5, went to my products and installed a few products to test the installation. At the time I was not a Fastlane Opt In member. 2. Then I Fired V5 up but didn’t see the Orbx scenery show up in the sim. 3. Looking through the forums I saw the sticky post saying one had to be a Fastlane Opt In member to use the Orbx products in V5. It looked to me like the post indicated there was a version 4.1.15 required. 4. At that point I uninstalled my Orbx products, signed up to Opt In for Fastlane, and then tried to upgrade Orb
  7. Sabretooth78 - thnx much for your advice, it cured my ills!! one word of caution to anyone who has this issue. i tried using the search function on the taskbar of Win10 to search my whole machine and it didn't find anything. I had to go to my Orbx Library File (using the Orbx linked files method), in that file i executed a search and then i was able to find the ABP_DGAA.bgl file. Richard
  8. hi all, i purchased a DGAA (Kotokoa Airport in Ghana) from Sim Markets and installed it over the Orbx Africa LC, it looks great with the exception of the SE end of the airport where some of the default airport LC is still showing. i also had i opened up Orbx Central and ran the AEC tool and that fixed the elevation issues, but the default LC still bleeding through wasn't fixed. I then used Airport Designer to search for the default AFCAD, i found it and moved it out of the sim to my desktop, and then i changed the file type to .xxx, but the problem still persists. I also used the tool airp
  9. i flew on this gal when i was growing up - she is now a restaurant near the airport... Richard Bansa
  10. Good morning everyone, I just finished a new pc build and I finally upgraded to the new ORBX Central. I reloading all my sceneries and I have one question. I went in the CFG tool where you can select which roads to show, fix elevation problems, etc. and I selected “frozen surface in winter” (not sure if that is the exact name), but I selected the choice to have water bodies freeze in winter. I’ve been looking around the Central Washington State area and my none of my water bodies are frozen (using PNW – P3Dv4). When I flew up to KSFF, Felts Field, I noticed the water bodies ar
  11. As a ranking member of the NTSB go team on this one, I'm calling tail strike!! Richard
  12. SWEET!!!!! Can't wait - I'm currently exploring Australia V2 and loving it, can wait for this one!! Richard
  13. Please, please, please can we can we get a peak, or a word or two??? We promise to behave... Richard
  14. Hey Caleb, thnx for posting man. I've flown extensively in this area in both FSX and P3Dv4, as soon as i saw the KORS pictures I knew where the pictures were taken. I've always wondered what the area looks like in real life, thanks a million for showing me!!! ORBX, rocks!!! Richard
  15. Hey Andy - great shots of a great chopper!! I love flying it. One thing that i haven't been able to figure out though is how do you stop the horn from beeping? when i first start her up, i hit the alarm light on the panel and that stops one of the sounds from the horn, but I haven't been able to stop the beeping without turning off the horn switch. But if you turn the switch off, then you have an annunciator light on for the horn. Thnx for any ideas you might have. Richard
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