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  1. WOW!!!!!! Can't wait to fly home to Ghana!!! These screen shots are amazing!!! Keep up the excellent work guys... Much appreciated!! Richard
  2. SWEET!!!!! Can't wait - I'm currently exploring Australia V2 and loving it, can wait for this one!! Richard
  3. Please, please, please can we can we get a peak, or a word or two??? We promise to behave... Richard
  4. Hey Caleb, thnx for posting man. I've flown extensively in this area in both FSX and P3Dv4, as soon as i saw the KORS pictures I knew where the pictures were taken. I've always wondered what the area looks like in real life, thanks a million for showing me!!! ORBX, rocks!!! Richard
  5. Hey Andy - great shots of a great chopper!! I love flying it. One thing that i haven't been able to figure out though is how do you stop the horn from beeping? when i first start her up, i hit the alarm light on the panel and that stops one of the sounds from the horn, but I haven't been able to stop the beeping without turning off the horn switch. But if you turn the switch off, then you have an annunciator light on for the horn. Thnx for any ideas you might have. Richard
  6. I followed Elaine's excellent instructions to get Tongass working in V4.1 last night. The weird thing though is that I don't have the Turbine Trotter in my AI. But oh well, I'm ecstatic to have this scenery working again. Richard
  7. so disabling the sceneries that we're not using is a placebo? Richard
  8. thnx a lot gents, I will now taxi to the download ramp. last fall i did a cross country US flight in the A2A 182, from Maine to Monterrey California. it had 46 legs, covered 4200 miles, and took 33 hours and 42 minutes. in real time it took me about a month and a half. i had a blast doing that trip, crossing mountains, and different kinds of terrain. with this new LC i might have to set up another trip like that this fall. Richard
  9. Before i buy the new NA Open LC, i wanted to ask people who have it if they are seeing a larger memory footprint, and if so how much larger? I finally got my sim (FSX) with Vector, Global and the other ORBX products and PMDG to work together and I'm flying OOM free. I'm really careful before adding major programs as I worry about upsetting the OOM balance. Anyway - pls let me know what kind of VAS footprint you're seeing. thnx!!! Richard
  10. I apologize for continuing to bug you, my bad!! I'll leave you alone now Richard
  11. Hi Misha - I got the email from the store with my order number but I'm still getting the Invalid Amount error. The store emails says Voucher Amount AUD$50.00 and I am entering $50.00 in the amount area but no joy. Richard
  12. Hi Iain, I just bought the voucher and I'm attempting to email it to him, but I'm getting an error message "invalid amount" when I type in $50.00 for the Voucher amount. I also tried AUD$50.00 but that didn't work either. Any ideas? Thnx!! Richard
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