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  1. how does rex interact with airport scenery, does one take priority? i would like to keep using rex for default airports but if i was to buy some airport scenery like czst or kpsp is it possible to stop rex replacing those textures?
  2. do you know if there are any snow/ice runways without installing the C.I.R.P stuff from misty moorings? i dont think theres a way to tell with the kmz short of clicking on every airfield individually, i wanted to try the ski version of the a2a cub
  3. does anyone have a link to the latest libs release while the support page is down?
  4. if i have multiple regions installed should i enable all of them in ftx central or just the region i am flying in? also if i enable them all what settings should i use in fsx?
  5. there was a message about a patch a couple of hours ago on the steam community forum, the last item on the list of fixes is increased compatibility with existing addons http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160
  6. i considered purchasing airport sceneries but continent/state sceneries seem more versatile as i like to fly the a2a c182 as well. i also have rex4 which improves textures at airports and so far im not so picky about airport layout. a somewhat separate topic is the 777 the most accurately modelled aircraft by pmdg? i was interested in the 747 series and the LCF extension but the product page list it as some aircraft/autopilot features and the LCF doesnt change the flight model, coming from DCS the most important factor is the realism of the aircraft simulation
  7. Which scenery would people suggest as a destination for long haul flights from ftx england? I was thinking either PNW, NCA or Australia. I don't want to buy all 3 straight away as I want to get a pmdg aircraft and there pretty expensive. PNY looks most interesting for flying the a2a c182 I have but how many large airports does it contain?
  8. i downloaded the tasmania demo but i noticed that after loading it i get the FTX england runway textures at some runways rather than the rex4 textures. i uninstalled the demo as instructed in the pdf but when i reenable FTX england FTX central tries to put the tasmania files back into my scene library, how can i remove it for good alternatively if i purchase aus sp4 will the compatibility issue be fixed? airports where i have noticed it happening are EGCC and EGNM
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