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  1. I've TrueEarth GB South for both Xplane and P3D. While flying along River Thames, I noticed some buildings have really low resolution textures next to buildings with high/medium textures. Any chance of offering "Cityscene London" that resolves the issue. -Jimmy
  2. Yup. Same misaligned people in my sim Jimmy
  3. Have you tried add all the Orbx paywares/freewares in your test? -Jimmy
  4. If download cost is an issue, why do you guys put it on steam/epic/whatever store and let them take care of the bandwidth cost? -J
  5. For iBlueyonder account, it's your "payment" number and NOT your "serial/key" number. -Jimmy
  6. I have the same issue. Tried the terrain.cfg fix mentioned in the other threads, but it didn't work. Tried reinstalling OpenLC NA, but still no go. Anyway uninstalling OpenLC NA got rid of the night texture issue. -Jimmy
  7. Not the "ShadersHLSL" in the main FSX. It should be at C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX. Here's more info on shader directory. https://fsxtimes.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/clean-up-shader-cache/
  8. Did you delete the shader folder? Here's what it looks like on my system (P3Dv3)
  9. Look for FTX_NA_!OLC_LIGHTS in the scenery.cfg. It's grouped with the FTX_NA_* entries.
  10. What's your fiber_frame_time_fraction value? It could be set too low.
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