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  1. Froogle's VLOG: DCS WORLD 2 EXCLUSIVE PEEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOLevVN3dyI Talks, among many other things, about new maps being developed in addition to the good old Georgia. Nevada, Strait of Hormuz and Northern France. How cool would it be to have Vietnam (for example) made by Orbx. Or the areas including and around Indonesia. etc. etc.
  2. Hi guys... Maybe there already is a similar topic somewhere, but couldn't find it. Been away from FSX for a long time flying mostly DCS these days. Which brings me to today's topic... But first, for those who don't know what DCS is: it's like the military version of FSX. Or slowly becoming more and more like it. Moddable with modules, addons, SDKs etc. I mean... Eagle Dynamics is AFAIK getting closer and closer in releasing their first beta of something called EDGE - their new graphichs engine. Supposedly it will come with an SDK which should allow 3rd parties to create (and sell) new thea
  3. Wow... If they put another 737 capable field 200-300 nm distance I'll buy them both...
  4. 01. Pangborn Memorial Airport 02. Cowl Flaps OK 03. Taxiing 04. Rotate 05. Initial Climb 06. The Skies 07. The Office 08. Essential Clouds 09. Closing Mt Rainier 10. The Mighty Mt Rainier 11. Engines 12. Final Approach 13. A Look Back 14. About to Land 15. Parked 16. Tower I 17. Tower II Testing new REX Essential. Real time NOAA weather and time. Something still needs tweaking. Weather was almost CAVOK moments before landing, then suddenly alm
  5. AFAIK, SIM based GPS locators are getting cheap and small enough to be added/hidden on a bike... You might want to consider one if it's a very expensive bike.
  6. WOW! Great news from DCS just keeps on piling up... - DCS: Combined Arms (take command & control of ground forces, down to 1st person 3d, be JTAC etc.etc.), new WIP video published ( ) - IRIS Team begins to create addons for DCS (link) So... I wonder when we see the first Orbx scenery for DCS...
  7. For those interested... Digital Combat Simulator series is moving towards FSX like environment. There will be a new basis called "DCS World" where additional content can be added much like with FSX. Existing products (A-10, BS) will be converted as DCS World addons (free, I think) and new content can be created not by only ED/DCS, but any 3rd party developer. This is huge IMHO. First addons will be: - P-51D - Su-25T (free addon, comes with DCS World, ported from FC2) - A-10C - BS2 - MiG 21 Fishbed (first 3rd party addon, seems to be good enough to be granted DCS label by ED) Not sure, but
  8. Free IZ3D Anaglyphtic driver and a pair of old red/cyan glasses... Flying will never be the same again.
  9. 01. Morning Blues 02. Turns to crack of dawn 03. Taking off 04. Claresholm Industrial 05. To the light 06. Hmm... I'm so gonna have fun with you... 07. Shall I pull the trigger? How's Canadian prisons? 08. You lucky SOB... 09. Weeeee... 10. Barrel rolling landing plane - Completed 11. Low pass 12. Hard pull with some G-vitamin 13. My job here is done, gotta run before the officials get here 14. Touchdown 15. Claresholm area
  10. Took my new babe out for a spin north part of NZ south island... 01. Supermarine Spitfire IIb 02. Climbing into cockpit 03. Let's go... 04. The office 05. Gently testing her out... 06. Gonna see that river 07. Looks dry 08. Fields 09. I bet that floats when it rains 10. Sun rays playing in the mountains 11. Darn, already there, I guess it's time to land 12. Finals 13. Close-up 14. Breaking 15. Hmm... Dinner?
  11. Sorry, but I can't stop flying this bird. It's the best one I have - and I have many. I guess it's the rawness and pure unrestricted power of the plane coupled with the extremely immersive sounds. So here we go again. Yet another P-40 + FTX combo... 01. New plane, need to check it carefully 02. Gear on it's way up 03. Longreach airfield 04. Flying over down under (wut?) 05. This plane rocks - so I guess it needs to roll as well. And it does. 06. Barcaldine, ready or not - here I come 07. Landing configuration - chec
  12. To get started, SHIFT+3 and set the Auto Hydraulics on. When you get more comfortable, use the manual hydraulics pump button on top of stick. Once you got hydraulics, use the two red levers on your left side (8-9 o'clock low) to extract/retract flaps/gear.
  13. Finally I made the landing from NZMF to T004 with the P-40. Was just a matter of coming in high enough and not try to line up too early to give yourself some room to maneuver. I did mow down the people standing at the end of the runway, but then again... That's what you get from standing on runway... Btw Orbx, why not make the people on PeopleFlow react on threats - like run out of the way screaming in horror... EDIT:
  14. REX `Realistic┬┤ preset theme only. Max water in FSX.
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