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  1. Thank you for your passive aggressive response, sir. Not quite what I expect from a simple question. All I know is that when I had them on default, they worked. Now I have ORBX, they don't. The scenery I was using just generic stuff like on this site: http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html If you are saying that they should work with FTX then that's grand, that's all I was asking. I sure hope the actual company offer up advice to customers because this is hardly sufficient customer service.
  2. I had come across that at some point yeah. Its not an issue, I've had FSX running at various times since it was first released. I know its shortcomings, lol. Very frustrating when this happens though. I'll just have to learn not to pick once its all up and running nicely again.
  3. Hmm.. still doesn't explain how to delete the reg I put in there.
  4. I guess my question has been answered. No. After installing a few freeware files my FSX has gone haywire and begun a ritual CTD whenever I try to do anything. I've got to uninstall everything and start again.
  5. How do you do that? All I see is how to edit date of birth etc. What sort of forum has that public anyway..
  6. So I have FTX global (considering vector) along with REX, all is looking pretty sharp except I'm a little bit disappointed with the level of detail at airstrips and even fair-sized international airports. About six months ago I had a bunch of well made freeware strips on default scenery, I've tried installing them and placing them above FTX in order of importance but they don't seem to want to show up. Is there a way of having these super-imposed if you like over the top of FTX scenery? Or am I going to have to make do with how it currently is?
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