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  1. Thank you, good to hear. Great support, like always in this forum.
  2. In my opinion the use of download managers is unnecessary nowadays. I bought a lot of orbx products and I never had any issues with MD5 checksums. @ Ed Correia: Extracting the file works just fine. But no matter which download server I use, I allways get the same checksum. So I think your guess is right and the hash value simply wasn't updated at Flightsimstore. Could Adrian confirm this?
  3. Hi, I don't know where to post this question. Several days ago I tried to download FTX EU Ireland on different download servers of Flightsimstore, but unfortunately I've allways got a wrong MD5 checksum. According to the Flightsimstore it should be: a1ac5283d92a9b6de56f0e9fd59fbbbb But I allways get: 3d3d9e9ef7c45d3a2c74d6bf1d16210c What shall I do?
  4. Hi, Just to be sure.... If I want to install an airport like Melbourne, I set FTX Central to Oceania before installation. And if I want to install any third party airport I set FTX Central to Global. But what do I have to do, when I am going to install a third party airport which is located in an area covered by a region pack? For example London Heathrow by simwings on FTX england. Do I also have to set FTX Central to Global before installation or do I have to set it to Europe because of FTX England?
  5. Wow, this was a fast reply. Thank you, I appreciate that.
  6. Good to hear, thank you guys
  7. Could someone confirm my installation path? In FTX Central 2 Monument Valley is listed in the category FTX Global But the installation path is F:\Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_NA. I am wondering why it is not installed into the FTX Global folder. Is it correct this way or do I have to worry about it?
  8. Thanks a lot Bruce Hamilton, you are my hero today. Obviously ObjectFlow is much more sophisticated than I thought and in my old FSX Installation I can't remember to be flown at Stewart in early spring at least once. That's why I was used to see grass next to the runway. I checked that all my installations were up to date and then you came up with this idea. So I discontinued my personal trend to fly real time with date set to the real date. I chose a day in mid Summer to test your idea and the grass I was used to see was visible again. So it seems to be correct this way and there was no probl
  9. I don't want to miss this beautiful scenery and I can't go on with the installation of my other addons until my problem is solved. Is there really no solution?
  10. Sorry, but you are completely wrong. There was no previous installation on this Computer, I have set up the computer entirely new, there can't be any previous artefacts from any previous FSX installation. It might help the case if it was, but your approach is misleading.
  11. Perfect, this fixed it. Everything looks great again. Now I understand there was no hole in the mountain, but it was shifted away from its foundation. Thank you Frank, great support
  12. I don't think we are talking about the same. Why should I move my FSX from a drive to another? FSX is installed to a separate drive.
  13. Ok, so do you know what I can do know to solve this issue? I want to go on with installing my other addons.
  14. All my problems? I count two problems. An error in Monument Vallay which seems to be a bug of this scenery because several people confirmed this bug, after I have told them, when it becomes visible. And the other problem is the missing grass at Stewart. There is no mess in my FSX. It is a frech installation of Windows 7 professional 64bit and a frech installation of FSX. The only addons installed so far are sceneries by orbx and fs global 2010. UAC is disabled and I followed official install guides.
  15. @orbx: would you please confirm this bug and maybe provide a solution?
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