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  1. Sorry 'shaneo17' I have been away for a while and I just noticed your request. I will get back to you ASAP with the details. I assume you have the FS9 Parafield scenery files already? Cheers
  2. I have managed to port Steven Royals (FS9) Parafield Airport over to FSX. Thank you Steven, brilliant work. In FSX it has some issues, such as taxiway and runway signs actually appearing on the taxi/runways . But that aside it is certainly far superior to the default scenery and will do me until Orbx weave their magic. Cheers Robert
  3. What's a police cruiser, a luxury yacht? And I thought you were an Aussie too!
  4. Frank. I have downloaded your scenery and had a quick fly. Wow, fantastic. Thank you. Robbo
  5. I worked for over thirty years in DCA, CAA and ASA. Department of Civil Aviation was great, but later variants became less pleasant places to be (for reasons already stated) particularly with moral and esprit-de-corps going down the gurgler. I echo the thought about the rigors of shift work plus you not only have to enjoy your job it has to be a happy loyal place to work/live also. I do not regret a second of my time spent in civil aviation but I would have to think twice about ever going back. Just my thoughts Robert
  6. Great shots John. As an Adelaide resident (but originally from the old Dart) Abel, Lemon & Co. (PTY) Ltd appear to no longer exist, at least not under that name. I suspect they went the way of many others and have been absorbed into larger conglomerations. Cheers
  7. Hi John If you are talking about the X52 controller then the programing process is quite simple. You can assign up to 36 functions to the 6 toggle switches (eg from Mode 1 to Mode 3+pinkie). You need to have the X52 plugged into the computer, then select the profile editor. There are two screens available in the editor to program the X52. The '3D View' or the 'Data view' screen. I prefer the 3D view screen and that what I'll talk about here. Ensure the Mode you want to program is selected in the Shiftstate window (top Left of screen), then place the mouse cursor in the box next to the toggle switch you want to program (Boxes are those to the right of the 3D picture of the Joy stick.) Suppose we want to program Toggle switch 1 in Mode 1. Select 'Mode 1' in the 'shiftstate window'. In the top left of the Toggle switch 1 box it should say Toggle 1 = New Keypress No? (where No? can be from 1 - 36 depending on the mode selected, in this case it should be 1). When the cursor is placed in programmable section of the box three icons should appear to the right (a Red dot, a green tick and a Red X). You then press the keyboard keys you want to program to that toggle switch eg for engine auto start press CTRL+E. Then select the Green tick and your done (almost). Place the mouse cursor on top of the 'New Keypress' text and type in a description of the function eg "Start engines". Continue this way until you have finished programing the toggle switches. When finished remember to save the profile (MOST IMPORTANT). I have a different profile for each aircraft I fly, although they don't vary greatly. Remember the X52 can be programed to do quite complex functions such as operating radio's and GPS etc by using macro's. I know this is fairly brief but I hope it helps Cheers Robert
  8. I can only echo everyone's sentiments on a fantastic job well done guys. One complaint though, I think you left a tube of super glue lying on the pilots seat, because I can't seem to get out of the dam cockpit!!! Cheers Robert
  9. I’ve been using the Jaycar product for about a 2 year or so. However I use two, one fixed to the underside of the chair the other on the back of my yoke (home built yoke) this gives an attenuated force feedback effect through the yoke, eg you can feel touch down, flat spots on tyres (depending on aircraft) etc. Robbo
  10. Yep, that's the Flight1 model. The livery you can find at avsim: f1pc12_rfds_vhmwo.zip Heiko Thank you for that information.Cheers Robbo
  11. Hi Mango, Great shots, one question though, where did you get the RFDS repaint for the PC-12? I assume its the Flight1 PC-12. Cheers
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