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  1. All good comments, but let’s remember MSFS2020 is default scenery. Not bad for straight out of the box. Loved the video comparison. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I also have it and find of easy to trim, anyone know if the update for P3dV5 is out yet.
  3. JV I salute you for the above comment. For me you will always be the father of Orbx. You look a picture of health. There is not a person on earth who hasn’t been effected by 2020. Stay safe and continue to stay healthy and happy.
  4. Hi I am sure you are but just thought I would make a suggestion. Ref full install with every update. Are you carrying the updates out at the Microsoft Store? If you are then sorry I have nothing further to suggest, if not give it a try. I’ve also read of some having issues if it’s not in C Drive but I don’t know why?
  5. Hi Pete I totally, agree I am very lucky as I am using MSFS 2020, X Plane 11 and P3d v5 on my 3 year old PC. All work well on it and I like each sim. program for different reasons. The common factor between all of them is Orbx add-on scenery.
  6. Hi Nick, where would I find the freeware fix for the water level in the Thames please? UPDTE: Actually found it on another post, let me answer my own question and give Nick a rest https://flightsim.to/file/218/river-thames-water-fix-ver-1
  7. Hi Anyone found a good shaders program to work with XP11.50, don’t think xVision1.50 is fully compatible. I am also using UWXP
  8. Just to add this topic is no longer Active as it has been Answered and all is good. One less on the list.
  9. Hi Sentry11 Many many thanks for fixing my Scenery-packs-Ini file. Ive checked a few airports out and all seems ok. I will keep a spare copy for reference in order to see the layout as Jon mentioned. Again I’m very grateful to you. Thank you.
  10. Had a holiday around Bryce and other areas years ago, truly amazing area and I am sure the scenery will do it justice too.
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