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  1. Hi Love the pictures, you really are a screenshot genius. Am I to presume they are of the future update for London City which has been discussed else where in these forums. If so WOW!
  2. The Arc de Triomphe appears ok for me but for the benefit of others what was the fix?
  3. Great job on the update Team Orbx Paris City Pack runs as smooth as silk on my mid range PC and looks fantastic.
  4. All fantastic shots, all rightfully deserved winners, well done to all.
  5. Correction to above I mean: Digital Ownership File not Digital Authority File as I quoted above.
  6. Hi I know what the problem was and I think I’ve fixed it. I notice there have been a lot of views to my post so will provide an answer in the hope it helps others who may have issues. Firstly thanks to Doug and Craig for responding. I originally purchased the DVD Premium Deluxe Version but had to uninstall it a few months ago due an issue with MSFS crashing when loading a second flight from Main Menu. Instead of loading all the DVDs again and then a massive update I just did a clean install via Marketplace which I was allowed to do for free as I
  7. Hi Doug The sim was last updated a few days ago to what I believe is the latest update (sorry not near PC). I always try to keep Windows/Orbx Central Products/MSFS fully updated and check every few days.
  8. Hi Craig I have but they are a friendly bunch of people on this forum and you never know someone may of had the same issue as me and may be able to help.
  9. Hi I originally bought the DVD version of MSFS. Since last update when I start MSFS it asks for DVD 1 to be installed. It sits in DVD player and all works fine, no idea why it’s started asking for it. Only one else got the same issue or know a fix please?
  10. I read about this a while ago. I love technology advancements and I am heavily involved in real world aviation. But on this one I have to agree with Vanderlay just because we have the technology to do it doesn’t mean we have to do it. Just my own personal thought, perhaps I’m also getting too old.
  11. It runs well on P3dv5.1 for me but sadly I can’t tell you how it would run or if it would even work on FSX. Perhaps ask the developers (link on their website) they are a friendly bunch and I am sure they will help. I agree CYVR is a great airport and area. I wish Orbx would do a City Scene for Vancouver.
  12. Did you manage to get any to land and take off, perhaps share your setting for AI Traffic as a comparison.
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