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  1. It's the first time I have ever entered and I've enjoyed seeing one else's screenshots which has certainly given me some ideas of new places to fly. I have liked all them but will vote for No.6
  2. Wow in that case I am even more impressed - thanks for reply Iain
  3. Iain Those are fantastic shots. Don’t know if you’ve been asked before but do you use any Shaders etc with P3d or are those modified screenshots Im off work for 4 days now so hoping for a release in that time ? thanks
  4. Hi John The above sounds great. I believe I read that XP Versions for all the above will be released first then ported over to P3d at a later date. There currently seems a large large time gap between XP release versions (ie TrueEarth GB) and future P3d versions. May I ask with the current recruitment of extra staff is this time gap something that you plan to reduce going forwards. Basically the long time gaps prior to P3d Version releases is killing me.
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply, better start saving my pennies. I hope you have success with the BC data.
  6. paulk

    Kelowna CYLW to Spokane KSFF

    Great pics, really got me looking forward to my holiday in BC later this year.
  7. Hi This is a question for John and the Orbx Team. I did mention over Xmas. I am a big fan of the Pacific Northwest area and spend much of my time flying around it. I think, but may be wrong that Orbx hinted of a release for TrueEarth PNW in 2018. I know the team have been very busy so am not complaining, but would like to be cheeky and ask when they plan for its release. I'm not looking for dates or times, but would be happy with a reply such as, early, mid or late 2019.
  8. paulk

    EGSG to London City XP11.

    Fantastic shots, can’t wait for True Earth P3d version
  9. Firstly my I thank John and all at Orbx for all the scenery they have produced for us in 2018. The teams efforts are greatly appreciated and it was great to meet you all at Cosford earlier this year. I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to 2019 and the release of TrueEarth PNW. This project was mentioned in the 2018 Roadmap as well but nothing seems to have been mentioned about it publicly for the last 12 months. I'm sure a lot has been going on in the background and as a fan of this area would love to see more screenshots and info about the Vancouver area in the future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the team.
  10. I'm using Orbx PNW Scenery along with FS DreamTeam Vancouver - No Screenshot has been adjusted.
  11. paulk

    Nanaimo - PNW

    Thanks for all your kind comments. I shall have to have a go at some more soon.
  12. paulk

    Nanaimo - PNW

    My first ever screenshot
  13. I was at the show today. I use P3d so will have to wait a little longer for my True Earth GB versions. I'm sure a lot of people use UK2000 Airports in P3d along with Orbx UK scenery at the moment. May I be permitted to ask if any developers have tried UK2000 Airports scenery with the up and coming P3d version of True Earth GB South. I know UK 2000 scenery also comes in X-Plane formats as well. It looked as if one screen shot of LHR included the UK2000 version.