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  1. There not screenshots that’s real life mind blowing the realism.
  2. Hi Me also but I have Hollywood Burbank also installed which is fairly close to KVNY plus LA default area is well detailed could these be the issue?
  3. Congratulations to Carlosqr love the lighting on your 747 shot. Congratulations to iliasr love the fact I could imagine myself sat in your shot looking out of the plane window with Singapore below. Both well deserved winners.
  4. iliasr - WSSS approach gets my vote, I really did feel like I was sat on the right hand side of an airplane, behind the wing looking out of the window, (perhaps one day I will be able to again). It is a sensational shot.
  5. Just a small note to say well done to Frank and the Orbx team for the Sydney update. I think I can say that Sydney is the best City in the whole of the MSFS world thanks to Orbx. Vancouver, Canada could be second if Frank/Orbx are up to the challenge - Please.
  6. Hi Juzt wondered if there is any update on this question.
  7. I too have the floating wind sock even after trying all of the above fixes. Look forward to a possible fix via the update Matteo.
  8. Hi Iain I wasn’t sure when I saw the release shots yesterday, think yours may have changed my mind they are excellent Thanks.
  9. Thanks Ed, appreciate you taking the time to provide some feedback.
  10. Hi Holger, its great to hear from you and many thanks for your detailed reply. Thanks for explaining what the ORBX_ORCAS_MSFS_SHAPE_FILES.BGL file does and how it works. I will take your explanation and advise the freeware mesh developer of your comments also.
  11. Hi Jon thanks for your answer. I’ve been working with the Mesh developer to try and assist him. Sadly he doesn’t own Orbx KORS scenery so has hit a stop. If Ed is able to comment it would be nice but appreciate they are busy and I am commenting about a freeware file Orbx have no input to. If Ed is about to offer a description of what ORBX_ORCAS_MSFS_SHAPE_FILES.BGL does it may be of assistance Thanks in advance
  12. Hi I wondered if someone may be able to assist me please. I am using a freeware file which provides 10m Mesh for the whole of Vancouver Island. (downloaded from Flightsim.to - planeguy04-vc-island-full) It is very good, but I have noticed an issue, Icebergs out to the east in the sea from Victoria and high cliff areas around the Victoria area. I have carried out some investigation and found that when the freeware 10m mesh is used on its own I have no issues, when used with all my other payware and freeware files in my Community Folder I have the issue. After much research I have found the offending scenery, it is Orbx KORS (Orcas Island). Further investigation carried out and I have found that the offending file within the Orbx KORS > Scenery > World > Scenery > ORBX_ORCAS_MSFS_SHAPE_FILES.BGL. If I remove this .BGL file everything then seems fine with the exception of a few floating cars around the KORS Harbour car park. Is anyone at Orbx able to offer assistance as to why this file should cause such mesh issues around southern Vancouver Island? or if a fix could be supplied. Thanks in advance. Icebergs East of Victoria heading towards Orcas Island. - As I fly near to them they pop out of sight as if to go back to normal levels. Floating car at Orcas Island.
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