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  1. I have noticed the same when using UWXP sadly I don’t know why, lovely shots.
  2. Totally agree Jack, XP and TE Scenery work so well together.
  3. As I said from the beginning, if not suitable, please remove the post. My original post was genuine and if I have broken any rules then they were unintentional. All I ask is that people politely explain any errors we may make and remember we are not all experts on the forums and sometimes require help and guidance.
  4. Thanks JV As much as I love reading your reports and seeing future screenshots I can also understand why you don't want to say too much. The more you show people the more questions you get, "when will it be ready?" etc I wish Orbx well for 2020 and I hope all is ok with our friends in the Australian HQ, the news of all these fires everywhere is very upsetting to see.
  5. Happy New Year everyone. JV I think normally writes a long newsletter in early January with lots of info and screenshots to tease us about the years future developments. May we expect the same this year?
  6. Sadly and I say this again, sadly the Devs seem not to follow up on products correction, but move onto the next product. Whilst I still believe the Orbx Team are the best out there at producing Sceneery Addons, the after care for their products is sadly lacking. By this I mean the Devs corrections and not the excellent help and advise Jon and Nick etc provide.
  7. What a great idea, I loved it, one of the best I’ve seen on the forum, well done.
  8. Great screenshots. Hats off to John and the Orbx Team, it looks like another must have add on.
  9. Thanks Jon, your advise and screenshot is greatly appreciated. I am away with work this week, but will try your settings when I return home and if all looks ok I will purchase LCY Thanks
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