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  1. I love the update, overall seems to all work very well together. Fly at 1500-2000ft and London looks good. There are still water issues at LCY airport but I think a LCY Update is planned which will fix these, don’t know if anyone can confirm that, sure I read it somewhere.
  2. Go to the top of the class, lovely trip around the world with your screenshots - loved them.
  3. Yep. totally agree, many thanks for a high quality and speedy update. Great work.
  4. Great screenshots, even better that it’s Iain who’s posted them, you back in the flying seat Sir?
  5. Great shots, I really like the second one as the sun is pushing through the clouds.
  6. I’ve avoided London since the update, but last night I tried Birmingham and it’s PG looked good to me (I have my settings on High) I also tried Seattle and NYC and I’m sure they are looking even better post this last update, not sure if they’ve done anything behind the scenes with these or PG in general. Just an observation. I thought I read somewhere Asobo were trying to get the PG to be displayed better (read so much it all rolls into one these days), so maybe wrong.
  7. Wow they are really good, I am really beginning to like the drone for screenshots. You obviously are very good with it.
  8. I notice the Asobo LCY default version has the new parallel taxiway added. I wonder if this is on the cards in a future Orbx LCY update?
  9. I’m only at 4GB Someone in this forum has just said that the .CGL file crashes are fixed with this update as well. Fingers crossed.
  10. That’s good news, sadly I am only at 4GB plus UK update to do so a long way for me yet.
  11. Hi Thanks to all for responding, I will have a look at all your suggestions tonight.
  12. Thanks Adam I will check them out later, not heard of them before, so glad I posted for info.
  13. Hi For years I used a third party developers DHC-2 Beaver to fly around Orbx PNW region in P3d V4. I am still waiting for them to provide an update for it to work in P3d V5. Just wondering if anyone is using a good pay ware or freeware version of a floatplane in MSFS. I know there is a default one but I’m not keen on it, it sounds like a lawnmower. You can’t beat the sound of an old piston engine. Thanks in advance.
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