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  1. Hi Orbxflyer You and I must of been watching the video at the same time as I also noticed no wake textures etc and thought how disappointing. Knowing how much detail Microsoft have placed on this product I find it hard to believe that the wake textures won’t be there in the full release version.
  2. Sorry Guys following today’s news it looks like BA are about to retire all their 744s. Sadly the Covid 19 virus is forcing there early retirement. I love the Jumbo Jet.
  3. Thanks Orbx Flyer, out of interest do you have Bluetooth issues are do you have a working Bluetooth USB Dongle?
  4. It’s intermittent, ie it works for 1/2 second then stops for 1/2 second like listening to a broken record (showing my age)
  5. Hi Still no Bluetooth fix or update. (even today's update) Does anyone have a Bluetooth USB Dongle that is working with Windows 10 2004, if so I would appreciate the details as I would like to purchase a new one. I miss my Bluetooth headset.
  6. Hi I think we were all hoping and half guessed that Orbx would be working with and producing add-ons for MSFS2020. Some of us have been lucky enough to Alpha Test MSFS2020 for a few months now (no further comment). Is it too early to ask for a sneak peak or a teasing screenshot or two of an Orbx product in development for MSFS2020 or does the NDA not allow it (totally understand if that’s the case). Again great news.
  7. Absolutely brilliant.
  8. Hi Jack I have to say I’m glad I made the switch to V5, it and Orbx scenery especially the TE series seem to work very well together. Paul
  9. Hi Pete Symbolic links were so easy to use thanks to all the helpful postings you, Jon and others posted. Really enjoying the Beta Version of X Plane 11 and it’s performance. Just can’t get over how quick and easy it all was to set up. Many Thanks Paul
  10. Vulcan Beta Version download as you said only about 6GB Next I need to experiment with Symbolic Links as I’ve never used before. Thanks for all the info Pete
  11. Is it time for a clue? I'm going to say PNW area?
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