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  1. Bermuda425

    TEGB South P3DV4.4 just a few.

    You keep scoring the utmost shots, old boy!
  2. Bermuda425

    St Kilda

    Those shots really blew my cool!
  3. Bermuda425

    Frankfurt to TEGB Heathrow

    An apotheosis of a screenshot collection!
  4. Bermuda425

    Around P3D 4.4 TEGB London

    I like them too. Aviation Week magazine February 64. https://archive.org/details/Aviation_Week_1964-02-10
  5. Bermuda425

    10 hours thunderstorms, icing, hot air and turbulence

    Truly wonderful set of shots!
  6. Bermuda425

    From where the sun never shines.

    Fantastic picture Martyn!
  7. Bermuda425

    Around P3D 4.4 TEGB London

    Superb series of shots Jack!
  8. Bermuda425

    Northeast DC-9 Arrival At KACK

    Marvelous sequence of shots in a beautiful environment Aharon!
  9. Bermuda425

    TEGB North in the Vulcan XP11.

    Man check those shots! What a custom machine you got there Iain!
  10. Bermuda425

    Quick London flight

    Truly a fab set of shots Jack! Well you can do better on the next landing anytime!
  11. Bermuda425


    Your shots are really going... going... gone!
  12. Bermuda425

    10 more P3D 4.4 TEGB

    Bright as sunburst Jack!
  13. Bermuda425

    ORBX LC -- Cape Horn, Chile

    Can't knock your shots Rodger!!
  14. Bermuda425

    A little excursion to the Isle of Aaron

    Hot stocker set of shots Renault!
  15. Bermuda425

    Renaults "Mini" Grand Tour

    A fine and dandy litany of captures!