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  1. Don't attempt to land on the closed runway now - in between the windmills
  2. Just get thirsty looking at the shots. Meanwhile below:
  3. Awe-inspiring shots here - and from the looks of the airline your destination can't be too bad either!
  4. Spectacular view for the folks sitting on the F seats
  5. Gorgeous view driving out!
  6. Legandary set of shots! And a cute co-pilot
  7. Lovy darn - what a view, lens flare and everything!
  8. And out into the blue again! Last one is my favorite - great angle!
  9. Clouds look spectacular! Like the wide view too
  10. Thank you John! Days are getting warmer but my sim is still frigid Oh nice, too bad you missed out on the chance. I like the area - it has some interesting winter weather - good for practicing IFR flights. Ha ha! Yes indeed. Thanks! Thanks Sir! Thanks Graeme! Nice spot for practicing some landings. Yeah - and few people realize it was an airport! Glad there's a sim version. Thanks Jackson! Yeah, it's a pretty darn good airplane - especially being freeware. Every b
  11. One fine set of shots! And now I'm hungry for some Bifteki and Metaxa
  12. Your shots are easy to love
  13. To Singapur this time - well captured.
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