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  1. Way cool! Thanks for looking at these pics. Haven't been back here simming in a while- but thanks! Have a good day!
  2. Chicky Dickey bust it out! Those shots look gorgeous!
  3. Numero uno set of shots!!
  4. Pretty neat views, thanks for the comparison!
  5. I can feel the Gunsmoke atmosphere in your shots!
  6. Makin a lot of noise and dirt as always!
  7. Lovely view of the bridges curving their snake path through the hills!
  8. Some of the finest shots around Stewart!
  9. Looks like the long lonely days of winter are finally over!
  10. High-class selection of shots indeed!
  11. Marvelous shots in your reliable PA-28-201R Jack!
  12. Million $$$ set of shots Iain!
  13. Now we can see into the living rooms of the ORBX inhabitants!
  14. What a smothering set of shots!
  15. Feisty, fidgety, spunky set of shots Jack! Real gonner set.
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