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  1. I don't know if this is a bug or not. This is the YPAD that comes with Au v2, at night, with Dynamic Lights enabled on P3D v4.5. As you can see, the apron lights doesn't illuminate the ground, so the airport is pitch black.
  2. Hi Ed, thanks for replying. I understand and know how the area is. The fact is that I bought OpenLC just to fly over Argentina (my home area especially, I don't have any interest on the rest of the continent) and because the way the product is, I can't enjoy it. So please consider my previous request of swapping to another OpenLC product, so I can make my $42 worth it, and I will happily repurchase this product if ever this behaviour gets fixed. Thank you !
  3. Richard. Load your sim in ICAO: SAAR Name: "Rosario/Islas Malvinas" City: Rosario Coordinates: S32 W60, and use slew mode to climb to 30000ft. You can see my results on my original post. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the pictures Doug! Sadly when you point your eyes to the horizon, it's a whole different story; and i can see repetitive textures there I hope I can get this product changed
  5. I took mine at around 30000ft. Typical airliner altitude
  6. Hi Doug! Sure! Head to SAAR airport ! You can also see this behaviour if you fly out of Buenos Aires (SAEZ), and some places like Olavarria (SAZF)
  7. Richard, So what would be the point of buying the product in the first place? I bought OpenLC to greatly reduce texture repetition over Argentina, and the product didn't fix them. If I had had a demo of the area to try before buying, I wouldn't bought it. That's my point. Just wanted to express my opinion and ask if a product change was possible. I am not asking for a refund. Thank you !
  8. An old FSS order number is under my avatar. This is the OpenLC Transaction ID: 597a4c8f20827.
  9. Richard. I tried Doug suggestion and it's the same thing. I checked with a friend who also owns this product and he has the same behaviour. At 2000ft is not noticiable, but i fly airliners, and that picture was taken at FL030. The fact is that the product it's the way it's, and I'm not happy with it. Thanks for your input!
  10. Hi everyone. Just want to express my opinion: I am disappointed with OpenLC SA. I have been waiting for this product since it was announced, so I bought it as soon as I could. I must say that I don't usually do this. As you may know, Argentina has been under a severe economical situation for ages, so 40 USD dollars is something really expensive and requires a lot of previous thought and save. As soon as my 6hr download finished, I rushed the sim to load at my home area, just to find the same behavior that was there before: repetitive textures and patterns all over the p
  11. Lo mas probable es que podamos utilizar esos escenarios, pero pueden haber algunos problemas. Como dijo Richard arriba, ORBX no se responsabiliza de la compatibilidad!-
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