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  1. Thanks Jack, all straight from the v key using just v4.4, Skyforce & Rex4
  2. Thanks all, there should have been a few more but I messed up the post - will add them as a part 2
  3. Hi Roger, it is indeed - Just Flight's FBVI version. Lots of fun to fly at low level!
  4. Really looking forward to the p3d release. In the event it is not already included, can I put in a vote for Corfe Castle? I really miss it every time I fly south from Orbx Compton Abbas into the Isle of Purbeck and along the Dorset coast... Richard
  5. My first look at the "Marine Mishaps" add-on...even going slowly, landing on a stationary carrier is tricky...
  6. As an alternative to OLC NA canyon running, how about wadi running in Morocco? Sadly it ended badly in a cloud of sand...
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