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  1. Just found this topic and the other one (https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/189438-please-resurrect-olc-asia/ ) looking to see if the Africa release had changed anything in terms of LC Asia. Whilst I can see that the lack of available data and the commercial considerations make this a long shot, I would be also be a Day 1 buyer and would also be happy to invest some of what I have saved in previous sales in committing pre-release to help finance it - have been hoping for Asia since first discovering Orbx products five years ago...
  2. Hi all Since upgrading to the full True Earth GB set of south, central and north I have been unable to get Just Flight's Traffic Global to launch AI traffic anywhere in GB, although everything is on the ground ready to go. Through a lengthy process of testing and elimination I have now established that Traffic Global is working fine with: Orbx Global landclass airports Orbx Europe landclass airports Orbx North & South Germany airports Orbx North & South California airports Orbx PNW airports Orbx North America landclass - default & Dr
  3. Ok, so unistall / reinstall did not fix it. Few screenshots below for info if helpful for the devs looking for a fix... Beached ferry Ferry crossing onto dry land Land overlaying the channel The coast at Calais Woods where the Channel should be Trees on the taxiway at Calais
  4. Thanks both. Carlos, everything migrated across to the new version of FTX Central and am now running 4.0.15 Did wonder if it might be connected with the recent Global base update. Will try reinstalling EU landclass and see what happens. Richard
  5. Hi, just wanted to chip in here as been having the same problems over the last couple of evenings and had started looking to see if anyone was experiencing them. Am getting desert textures into the sea along the coast of Turkey, close to the island of Rhodes; fields, deserts and square coastlines added to the French coast and jutting into the Channel opposite Dover and Orcas Island entirely set into a huge landscape of mountains and forests where the sea should be! Can send screenshots once next to flight sim machine it that is helpful. Have got as far as verifying Vector, Globa
  6. Lots of good ones but #54 for me too - might have to try x plane...
  7. Thanks Jack, all straight from the v key using just v4.4, Skyforce & Rex4
  8. Thanks all, there should have been a few more but I messed up the post - will add them as a part 2
  9. Hi Roger, it is indeed - Just Flight's FBVI version. Lots of fun to fly at low level!
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