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  1. just my dream but but when you see the last products sold, it doesn't take the way...
  2. the latest partnerships and releases confirm my frustration if you want to keep flying with Orbx, you need to learn the Airbus A320 neo procedure. Bye Bye the real aviation... as we said in France, Dommage !!!
  3. yes of course Wayne but I prefer the taildragger like the Cub I used this morning for a winter flying formation
  4. John, I'm not sure to respect the liner pilote process, I used only throttle, stick, landing gear and flaps and of course rudder as a simple pilote
  5. even if I prefer taildraggers and human airfields, I have to test computer plane, finaly it's no more complicated than a Piper Cub Have a nice week end
  6. Another flight using the monster, very funy aircraft !! https://fcabrol.ovh/fs2020/fs2020-180.jpg Enjoy
  7. Brad, actually these are not really issues ingame but some sceneries increase the fs 2020 start up time a lot so I only use the free liveries for my prefered aircrafts
  8. yes Vora, interesting point of view, but I convinced that the quality of the Orbx products is much more interesting than any freewayre. I hope after Darrington and Concrete some others will follow.
  9. Freeware are not the answer Brad, I had many problems with freewares from this website. I'm using Orbx products for many years now, I just want to continue without using liners or jets but still using small aircrafts and VFR flights, FS2020 is made for that !! flying above the clouds with this soft is heresy Howhever even if i'm looking forward some grass runway seneries, I'm also waiting some small airports as KJAC and KBZN, in fact I'm waiting also the update of the " By Jarrad" I'm waiting also an update for Australia sceneries and of course for Lylidale, grate grass f
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