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  1. Interesting point! It says the core features will be free but there will be some premium things in the future. Will be interesting to see how this pans out...
  2. Definitely made for a good set of shots!
  3. Stunning set of shots - looking forward to trying this one out myself tomorrow
  4. The used phrase probably comes from the fact it is available through gamepass and therefore those people have technically bought the game as such, just downloaded and used it.
  5. Yea definitely will play with that setting, it was a bit too fast on the buildings!
  6. Tried out creating a little cinematic at EGLC today - still need to practice a bit, but we’ll get there!
  7. Had a look around EGLC this afternoon - quite a lot of shots here, got a bit carried away! Expect more coming soon - time to take a trip down the Thames! Also had a play at creating a quick cinematic - check it out in the video forum: And finally....this isn’t an issue....at all. I teach chemistry, I say it’s all ok!!
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