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  1. Fantastic set of shots - love the last two!
  2. Thanks guys - good details Jack! That gives me a good ballpark figure to work with
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to get back up to date with my Orbx purchases and getting some system upgrades to help! Looking at upgrading my current SSD to accommodate this and so am wondering what people's current install sizes for P3D and add-ons is? Just to get an idea! Thanks!
  4. Temperatures seem ok - highest I've seen GPU get whilst trying to diagnose this is about 51C. The PSU is very old now it is a Seasonic S12 600W silent atx2.0 (the S12-600 model) - all cables are pugged in fully and the voltages I'm getting don't seem to indicate anything major wrong with the PSU. Below are links to images showing the hardware monitor - the max stat is after playing fallout 4 for 10 minutes which resulted in the 'light flashes' appearing though I quit before it crashed. http://imgur.com/Ukat99b http://imgur.com/NCqndwj
  5. I've got an issue with my MSI GTX 1060 that has just started to show up in the last couple of days - as shown in the screenshots linked to below there are black assets appearing in games and also 'light flashes' appearing in P3D. None of these games have had settings changed in the last few days and worked fine before P3D was literally a brand new installation without changing any settings. Sometimes applications will run for only two minutes before these flashes appear and then the application crashes other times it will run for much longer before they appear. http://imgur.com/0dy7x7W http://imgur.com/ckiTr23 http://imgur.com/jpMDllq All drivers are up to date, vram is not being exceeded, temps are ok - does this seem like a hardware issue or something else? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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