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  1. Hello Nick, so what would you recommend to solve the problem? Cheers
  2. Thank you so much Gerard, that support was perfect! The tool you recommended identified Scenery\0202\scenery\APX17190.bgl to be the one that is responsible for KBVU. I deactivated it and now everything looks perfect. I only can suspect that the navdata update https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html added the new airport. In any way I hope ORBX would update their aiport to the new identifier than there would be no problem. Again thank you very much. Kind regards Niels
  3. Hello Nick, I have a attachment that shows the airports in P3D v4 and all files that a search on my system reveals. There is a KBVU! http://imgur.com/a/O8L0u Thanks for your help
  4. Hello Gerard, are you flying in P3D v4? Because I think KBVU might not have existed in v3. I am not using any other addon files but I would like to use the tool you suggested but it is also not working with P3D v4. I do not know when the airport identifier was changed but here is a link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulder_City_Municipal_Airport Thank you for your help! Kind regards
  5. Thanks for your help Doug, I hope I updated my profile correctly to show my order ID. But I am sorry to say that I tried all that before and after your post exactly again but there are still two airports at different elevations showing up simultaneously. http://imgur.com/a/9c2HY Cheers Niels
  6. I have some weird elevation problems at Boulder City KBVU formerly 61B. I am flying in ORBX Southern California in P3D v4. I can choose both airports from the menu. The 61B seems to be the ORBX airport with correct elevation but KBVU is also present and lies above that one. I have also FTX Global, Vector and LC NA installed. Any solutions? Thank you very much http://imgur.com/a/JK7nN
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