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  1. Hi, i have FSDS tool for 3d modeling, then i make all buildings to mdl file and make one Library file, it contains all 3d building models, then i use Whisplacer tool to place buildings to their right places in Prepar3d.
  2. Is it possible to disable downtown buildings from this scenery. I have my own made Orlando downtown scenery for P3d, and id like to use that with your Orlando CityScape scenery?
  3. My FSX have own 500gb HDD, and there is avalable free space left 81gb
  4. You can change the texture size, 128x128 pixels, that is enough small size. Also you need dxtbmp program for opening sun texture file and a good picture editing tool, like Photoshop, paint shop pro etc.
  5. Southern states project, sounds good, starts from Texas and ends to Florida. Would be a nice to see Louisiana etc with ORBX quality.
  6. There is a few nice little airstrips in Everglades area, i hope we see at least as same quality in Florida region, like you have done in NorCal and NWA.
  7. I hope also that you make Southern states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Florida etc.
  8. Looks good, btw what was the second ORBX plane project?
  9. Look's good, i made some changes to downtown Atlanta, modeled realistic buildings etc and with FTX Global, it makes that part of the states perfect place to fly.
  10. Would be nice, if ORBX make a whole new tree textures and building textures for Autogen. The default building and tree textures are so boring and we need there now more realism too.
  11. Same problem here, i hope forum will be soon UP again
  12. WOW!!!! Thank you for making more sceneries for Rockies area. I hope you someday start making southern states Louisiana, Florida etc. same quality sceneries.
  13. Looks so good to be true in FSX!! Keep up the good work ORBX team.
  14. Maby you can start make updates for other NWA airports with Natureflow system
  15. Hi, i will purchase this Diamond Point tomorrow. Can you tell me how soon the Fall City is available?
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